Best React Courses in 2022 [Reviewed & Ranked]

ReactJS is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript framework, it is extremely popular and used by companies like Facebook and Instagram. It is widely stated on job descriptions that companies are always looking for web developers who know the ReactJS framework, so it is highly desirable.

If you want to learn React, no matter your skill level, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will showcase 5 amazing courses you can undertake to learn and master ReactJS.

There is a little something for everyone, beginners and professionals looking to get more in-depth with ReactJS, this article has the best React courses to learn from.

If you are completely new to web development, then you should definitely learn before the basics of JavaScript. We recommend you to check some amazing JavaScript books first or to check what’s the best way to learn JavaScript for you.

Let’s get started, and start learning from the best ReactJS courses!

List Of Best React Courses in 2022

Prefer to learn from a book? We wrote an article on the best ReactJS books to learn from, check them out!

5 Top ReactJS Courses

Throughout our list, we have catered for skill levels, so no matter if you are a beginner or professional, there will be something for you here. Each course is labeled with the type of course it is and the target audience, so it will be easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Modern React With Redux - One Of The Best React JS Courses out there

Price: $59.99
Level: Beginners
Audience: Developers looking to grow out of using jQuery

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Master react with this complete and constantly updated video course. You can learn the fundamentals behind structuring the ReactJS app and how to use Redux applications – a big part of ReactJS.

You’ll get to learn how to build single-page applications with ReactJS, understand how to build composable components and how you can build front-end UI in a modern way.

This course also teaches you some toolchains around ReactJS, making it one of the best React courses to learn from, you can become fluent in tools such as NPM, Webpack, and Babel.

You can expect to learn the basics and move up to more advanced topics. The course goes from how to install NodeJS, generating a React project to communicating with props and structuring apps with class-based components.

Course Highlights

  • 52 hours of video content
  • 223 downloadable resources from the course
  • 35 articles
  • 17 coding exercises to learn from
  • Certificate of completion

The Complete React Developer Course - A Top React Course Online In Udemy

Price: $59.99
Level: Advanced
Audience: Developers looking switch careers and focus on JS applications

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Learn how to build a complete ReactJS web application, while also learning about Redux. This online video course also dives into more advanced topics like how to use Webpack, the React-Router, and how to deploy a React application.

You will learn how to build, test, and launch a ReactJS application into production, everything in this course takes you from basic skills all the way to advanced programming and structuring.

The latest JavaScript ES6/ES7 is used, so you will be learning the latest and most up-to-date technology. Great for putting on the CV if you are in the job market.

You might want to consider attending some JavaScript conferences too! It’s a great way to learn and to open yourself to new concepts and trends.

Expect to learn advanced topics like how to set up user authentication and create an application that allows users to create an account and set up a profile. For this React course, you do need to have a core understanding of JavaScript.

This is one of the best React courses to get started with if you are looking to switch careers and learn how to launch complete apps with ReactJS.

Course Highlights

  • 39 hours of video content
  • 165 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fast support if you get stuck

React For Beginners Course - A Great React Course By WesBos

Price: $82
Level: Beginners
Audience: People who want a complete step-by-step guide and course

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A step-by-step ReactJS course for beginners and get you competent with ReactJS and its ecosystem. Learn how to use some of the tools and how to build UI web components.

The course is focused on simplicity and readability, so it is great for beginners and easy to follow along. You will get to build a real-time app based on a trendy seafood market, everything is updated in real-time, and a great example of how a production app is built with ReactJS.

Learn how to completely move away from jQuery and build modern applications with ReactJS. This is one of the best React courses to learn the basics and get to grips with progressing your JavaScript knowledge with a modern framework like React.

You will learn React components, how to maintain application state, communicate between different components, and how real-time web sockets work with React, plus, much more.

Course Highlights

  • No time limit, watch whenever you want and take as long as you need
  • Certificate of completion
  • Support via Slack if you need it
  • Unlimited updates
  • 21 HD videos in the first course
  • Download all source code and starter files

ReactJS Training Course - A Complete React Course Online

Price: $499
Level: Beginners
Audience: A complete and self-paced online Bootcamp led by industry experts

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This online course is unique, as in you get enrolled in an online boot camp with other people. You will be able to master the fundamentals of ReactJS, including JSX, prop states, and events. This course also dives into more advanced topics like Redux, actions, and state trees once you have the basics grasped.

Become a competent ReactJS developer and follow the path of being a professional React developer. All the content is instructor-led, so no online videos, this course is great for people who like to be part of a class. However, you can join different classes when you are ready, there are no set dates.

You get access to high-quality classes that are led by industry experts, easy to ask questions, and get involved with other students on the course online. This has much more of a community vibe compared to a normal video course.

This is one of the best React courses to enroll in if you prefer interaction, while it costs more, the quality and effort you receive are outstanding.

It is best you have some understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in order to get the most out of this course.

Expect to learn things like setting up React, how components work, event handling, the React router, and React hooks. You will also get to learn how real user authentication works via login forms and over an API context.

Course Highlights

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Industry-led online classes
  • Self-paced learning
  • Build a real-life working application
  • Flexibility to choose classes

Looking for some example ReactJS components, we wrote an article based on some amazing ReactJS Carousel Componets, check them out!

The Modern React Bootcamp - A Top Quality React Course

Price: $59.99
Level: Beginners to advanced
Audience: A course focused on modern ReactJS and best practices

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The best React courses online will teach you the fundamentals first and then quickly move onto real-world example applications, and this course does just that. You will get to build over 10 projects, plus a huge application near the end, so the course keeps you gripped all the way.

While learning about ReactJS you will get to build mini-apps along the way, helping to break up the resources and make things more fun and rewarding. The course includes many topics such as React Hooks, the React router, API development, common React developer patterns, and event handling.

You will also get to work with loads of different tools and libraries along the way, just like you would in the real world. Expect to get introduced to NextJS and how APIs to work with React – something that a lot of developers will come across.

Within this online course is a mini learning experience with Webpack, something that is very helpful in the ReactJS world, so it is useful to know.

Course Highlights

  • 250+ videos to learn from
  • Detailed handouts and cheat sheets included
  • Loads of exercises, projects, and quizzes
  • 39 hours of video content
  • 4 articles
  • Certificate of completion

What Is the Best Course To Learn React?

It depends on your learning style, if you like learning from videos, then the Udemy courses here are a great way to advance your skills with React. However, if you prefer being inside a classroom and following an instructor, then the online course by Simplilearn will suit you better as you get to join an actual virtual classroom with other people.

Finally, you may prefer a book, which is great for learning the theory and getting to grips with React.

If you are more into books, check out our list with the best books to learn React.

Is ReactJS Good For Beginners?

ReactJS is a great way to learn more advanced JavaScript, you can learn to build real-world applications and work with the tools within the ecosystem like NPM and Webpack. ReactJS is great for beginners because you will get to understand things like UI components, event handling, and prop states. This is great for a developer portfolio and for the job CV that you know all this.

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