Best Renters Insurance 2022: Reviews and Rankings for Top Companies

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The Insurance Information Institute reveals that only 37% of renters have renters insurance. However, the best renters insurance offers invaluable protection against common risks: fire, theft, personal liability, medical expenses and some natural disasters. In this guide, learn more about renters insurance options in 2022.

A Quick Look at the Best Renters Insurance Companies

  • Lemonade: Most Affordable Renters Insurance Coverage
  • Erie Insurance: Most Comprehensive Renters Insurance Coverage
  • Nationwide: Best Rental InsuranceAdd-Ons
  • Amica Mutual: Best Multidiscount Rental Insurance Coverage
  • Allstate: Best Coverage for Renting Retirees
  • Auto-Owners: Best Global Rental  Insurance Coverage
  • State Farm: Most Reliable Renters Insurance Coverage

1. Lemonade: Most Affordable Renters Insurance Coverage

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Lemonade Renters Insurance Pros

  • Lower rates than most insurers
  • Fast claims processing and filing
  • Claims filing through mobile app with video
  • B-Corp certification for social and environmental responsibility 

Lemonade Renters Insurance Cons

  • Not available in some states
  • Lack of replacement cost options
  • Dollar limits, not time limits, on loss of usage coverage

If you want reliable no-hassle coverage on a budget, Lemonade is your best option. Founded in 2015, the insurer’s primary focus is delivering affordable renters insurance with ease of use and customization.

Affordability of Lemonade Rental Insurance: 4.5/5

Lemonade’s standard policy premiums start at $5 per month. They include coverage for personal liability, loss of use and personal property damage. Keep in mind that your actual premium is determined by your location and coverage needs,

Renters Insurance Coverage Offered by Lemonade: 4.0/5

Lemonade renters insurance is currently available in 27 states. The company scores high marks for customization. Its add-ons include high-dollar value coverage for items like art, fine jewelry and musical instruments, plus water backup and equipment breakdown.

Rental Claims Handling by Lemonade: 5.0/5

Lemonade offers claims filing through its mobile app. The company’s unique claims processing model uses an AI plus a human team of claims specialists. Lemonade’s AI runs several dozen anti-fraud checks on each claim, allowing instant handling for 30% of customer claims.

Alternatively, you can file through the company’s toll-free customer service line. With these benefits, Lemonade’s clients consider it one of the best renters insurance options.

Lemonade Customer Experience: 4.3/5

Besides its website and app, Lemonade policyholders can get service through its chatbot, customer service number or email. The firm does not sell or service through agents, so those desiring personal one-on-one support may feel underserved. The company’s NAIC complaint ratio is currently 1.85, a little higher than expected for a company of its size. However, Lemonade earned an overall score of 870/1,000 on J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction survey.

Renters Insurance Discounts Offered by Lemonade: 4.0/5

Lemonade offers a 5% discount if you pay your premiums annually. You may also qualify for lower premiums if your residence has protective devices, including deadbolts, burglar alarms and smoke alarms. Bundling pet and renters’ insurance nets you another 10% discount. However, pet insurance isn’t yet available in some states.

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2. Erie Insurance: Most Comprehensive Renters Insurance Coverage

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Erie Renters Insurance Pros

  • Claims phone line available 24/7
  • Personalized policy bundling
  • Bundled discounts for home and auto
  • Identity theft protection in the standard policy
  • Extended personal liability and replacement cost coverage

Erie Renters Insurance Cons

  • Different products and services in each state 

Established in 1925, Erie Insurance is one of the oldest insurers in the industry. The company has stability and a solid reputation on its side. Other advantages include robust coverage options and an overall positive customer service experience.

Affordability of Erie Insurance Rental Policies: 4.0/5

Specific rate information isn’t available unless you request a quote from an Erie agent. However, it does appear to be one of the more affordable options. Yearly premiums average between $150 and $168.

Renters Insurance Coverage Offered by Erie: 4.3/5.0

Erie Insurance offers renters’ policies in 12 states plus the District of Columbus. Coverage includes the four basic standards in the industry: personal property, liability, medical payments and loss of use. Additional benefits come with its standard policy: global personal property coverage, plus extended liability protection against cyberbullying, discrimination and slander. With so much in the basic package, many Erie clients consider it the best renters insurance.

Erie’s policy add-ons include sewer and drain backup plus home-sharing, which reimburses for liability, damage and theft if you rent your space via Airbnb or Vrbo. There’s also a scheduled personal property add-on for jewelry, sports equipment and high-value items.

Rental Claims Handling by Erie Insurance:  4.0/5

Erie policyholders can file claims either through their agents or the company’s 24/7 hotline. The company earned an 869/1000 score on J.D. Power’s claims satisfaction study, close to the industry average of 883 for 2021.

Erie Insurance Customer Experience: 4.3/5.0

Unfortunately, Erie lacks many of the online services of competitors like Lemonade. You cannot file new claims or get quotes online. Current policyholders can manage claims and payments via its website. Erie’s app lets users review policy documents, make payments and check claim status. Erie scores high in customer satisfaction: an NAIC complaint ratio of 1.10, a J.D. Power rating of 4.3/5 and an A+ rating from A.M. Best.

Renters Insurance Discounts Offered By Erie: 3.9/5.0

Erie offers additional savings with bundled renters and auto insurance. Other things can qualify you for discounts, such as being 45 or older or having an alarm or sprinkler system. However, not all discounts are available in every state.

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3. Nationwide: Best Rental Insurance Add-Ons

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Nationwide Renters Insurance Pros

  • Three claims filing options: phone, online or with an agent
  • Discounts for auto/home/life bundles
  • Additional Living Expenses coverage up to 24 months

Nationwide Renters Insurance Cons

  • Not available in five states: Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Oklahoma

Founded in 1925, Nationwide Insurance has longevity, reputation and brand recognition on its side. Nationwide’s key strengths include an impressive standard renters’ policy plus a wide range of available add-ons.

Affordability of Nationwide Rental Insurance: 4.0

Nationwide doesn’t disclose pricing information on its website. It encourages prospective policyholders to request a quote. The company reveals that its average monthly premiums range from $15 to $20.

Renters Insurance Coverage Offered by Nationwide: 4.5/5

Nationwide’s standard rental insurance includes the four basic types of coverage plus reimbursement for unauthorized financial transactions plus claims for damage on property additions and alterations. Policy add-ons include identity theft protection, sewer and drain backup, earthquake damage and big-ticket item coverage. There’s also theft extension for personal property inside a motor vehicle, watercraft or trailer. The impressive number of add-ons makes Nationwide a solid candidate for the best renters insurance.

Rental Claims Handling by Nationwide: 4.3/5

Nationwide provides a couple of ways to submit claims: either online or by calling its toll-free number. After submitting a claim, policyholders work directly with Nationwide’s claims specialists. The insurer earned an 892/1,000 on J.D. Power’s most recent claims satisfaction survey.

Nationwide Customer Experience: 4.5/5

Nationwide has several online and mobile tools to make life easier for policyholders. You can get a quote and find answers to your questions on its website. You can also submit and track claims plus manage payments through its website and its mobile app. If you prefer personalized service, you can work directly with a Nationwide agent.

Nationwide scored an 834/1,000 on J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction index, plus an A+ rating from A.M. Best. Its NAIC ratio was 1.48, which is about average for a company of its size

Renters Insurance Discounts Offered by Nationwide: 4.0/5

Nationwide offers a few discounts to take a bite out of the monthly premium. You may qualify for a discount if you have a fire alarm, smoke detectors or other protective devices. There’s also a claims-free discount plus savings for bundling renters with auto or other policies.

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4. Amica Mutual: Best Multi Discount Rental Insurance Coverage

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Amica Mutual Renters Insurance Pros

  • Premiums as low as $4 per week
  • Up to 15% discount with bundling
  • Loyalty discount after two years
  • Premiums lowered if claim-free for three years

Amica Mutual Renters Insurance Cons

  • Discounts not in all states
  • Not available in Alaska and Hawaii
  • High ratio of NAIC complaints

Created in 1907, Amica Mutual boasts more than 100 years of service plus a solid reputation. Amica’s rental insurance policies have some attractive selling points, including several discounts and rewards for staying claims-free.

Affordability of Amica Mutual Rental Insurance: 4.2/5

Amica rental insurance premiums start at $4 per week. Working out to about $16 per month, this rate closely matches the national average and makes coverage affordable for most renters. Individual premiums may vary according to location and specific policy limits.

Renters Insurance Coverage Offered by Amica Mutual: 4.4/5

Amica’s standard HO-4 policy incorporates the “big four” coverages. You can also choose from a large selection of add-ons to custom-tailor your policy: computer and smart device coverage, identity fraud, large-ticket items, home businesses and catastrophic coverage for losses from earthquakes and floods.

Rental Claims Handling by Amica Mutual: 4.3/5

Amica allows policyholders to submit claims online and through its toll-free number. Multiple claims submission channels plus easy online tracking equals time-saving convenience. The insurer earned an 894/1,000 rating in J.D. Power’s latest claims satisfaction survey.

Amica Mutual Customer Experience: 4.4/5

Amica earns high praise for its easy-to-use website. Policyholders can submit and manage claims as well as chat with an Amica customer service agent. Its app is also user-friendly, offering the same features plus payment options and insurance card access. Quotes are available through the app and the website.

At 1.96, Amica’s NAIC complaint ratio is a little higher than average. However, the company earned an A+ rating from A.M. Best.

Renters Insurance Discounts Offered by Amica Mutual: 4.8/5

Amica renters’ policyholders are in luck — the insurer offers several ways to save money. The company offers a loyalty discount to policyholders after two years of coverage. The multi policy discount reduces premiums by 15% with bundled rental and auto insurance. Other ways to save include autopay, paperless billing and claims-free discounts.

The only drawback is that some of these savings are not available in every state. Nevertheless, its wide range of discounts could qualify Amica as one of the best renters insurance companies.

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5. Allstate: Best Coverage for Renting Retirees

Allstate - WXYZ - Best Renters Insurance.JPG

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Allstate Renters Insurance Pros

  • Policy discounts for 55 and older
  • Premiums start at $4 when bundled with auto
  • Identity theft restoration add-on

Allstate Renters Insurance Cons

  • Employment information required
  • Some policy details not online

Founded in 1931, Allstate Insurance ranks fourth among property and casual insurers based on recent sales figures. Its primary selling points include multiple coverage options and competitive pricing.

Affordability of Allstate Rental Insurance: 4.1/5.0

Allstate reveals that its average premiums are around $16 per month, which line up with the national average. Individual premiums may differ by location and policy limits.

Renters Insurance Coverage Offered by Allstate: 4.0/5

Allstate’s standard rental insurance includes the basic four coverages. Add-ons include identity theft protection, floor insurance and scheduled personal property coverage for jewelry, fine art and large-ticket items. While Allstate doesn’t offer as many add-ons as Nationwide, many renters benefit from these options. Allstate is also widely available: Renters’ policies can be purchased in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

Rental Claims Handling by Allstate: 4.3/5

Allstate offers claims submission and tracking both online and through its toll-free number. Its mobile claims center is also active during widespread disasters. The insurer earned an 882/1,000 claims satisfaction ranking from J.D. Power.

Allstate Customer Experience: 4.4/5

Digitally savvy customers will like Allstate’s website and mobile app with key services such as bill payment, claims tracking and agent searches. Both the website and the app are easy to use. There’s also a chatbot service plus customer service through the company’s toll-free phone number. Allstate has an A+ rating from A.M. Best.

Renters Insurance Discounts Offered by Allstate: 4.6/5

Allstate offers 10% lower premiums for retirees aged 55 and older. Others discounts include multi policy, autopay, claims-free and protective devices. These discounts make Allstate coverage more affordable, which is why many policyholders rank it as their best renters insurance.

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6. Auto-Owners: Best Global Rental Insurance Coverage

Auto-Owners - WXYZ - Best Renters Insurance.JPG

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Auto-Owners Renters Insurance Pros

  • Global liability and personal property coverage
  • Annual premium payment discount
  • Discount for favorable loss history
  • On-time payment discount
  • Paperless billing discount

Auto-Owners Renters Insurance Cons

  • Limited policy details online
  • Coverage unavailable in 24 states
  • No online quotes

Launched in 1916, Auto-Owners Insurance is based in Michigan and offers many types of insurance policies. The company’s low rates, available discounts and favorable A.M. Best rating make it a good candidate for the best renters insurance.

Affordability of Auto-Owners Renters Insurance: 4.4/5

Auto-Owners’ rental policy premiums cost around $136 per year — far below the national average of $168. If you live in one of the 26 states where you can buy coverage, you could benefit from substantial savings compared to other insurers.

Renters Insurance Coverage Offered by Auto-Owners: 4.0/5

Auto-Owners’ standard policy contains the four basic types of coverage. Other options include the Renters Plus package, which includes water and sewer backup, waterbed liability and reimbursement for refrigerated food spoiling during power outages. You can also add large-ticket item coverage. The major downside is that Auto-Owners doesn’t offer policies in several states, including California, Texas and New York.

Rental  Claims Handling by Auto-Owners: 4.7/5

Auto-Owners lets customers report claims on its website and with local agents. Online claims tracking provides added convenience to policyholders. The company has one of the highest claims satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power: 900/1,000.

Auto-Owners Customer Experience: 4.6/5

While Auto-Owners’ online services aren’t as extensive as Amica’s, the company does provide some digital services. Online quotes are not available, but customers can make payments, access policy documents and set up automatic payments on its website.

It does offer a mobile app with the same functionality. Customers can also enjoy one-on-one assistance from an agent. With a below-average NAIC complaint ratio of 0.96 and an A++ rating from A.M. Best, Auto-Owners delivers a positive customer experience.

Renters Insurance Discounts Offered by Auto-Owners: 4.6/5.0

Auto-Owners policyholders can lower their premiums with several available discounts: multiple policy bundling, on-time payments, paperless billing, online payments, yearly annual premium payments and having protective devices in the residence such as fire extinguishers and deadbolts.

See more information about Auto-Owners Rental Insurance.

7. State Farm: Most Reliable Renters Insurance Coverage

State Farm - WXYZ - Best Renters Insurance.JPG

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State Farm Renters Insurance Pros

  • Auto/renters bundling discount
  • Discounts for qualifying home security equipment
  • Per medical insurance add-on
  • Inflation coverage
  • Additional coverage available for watercraft, coins and comic book collections

State Farm Renters Insurance Cons

  • Add-on coverage and discounts unavailable in some states

State Farm was established in 1922. Although it’s primarily known for auto coverage, it offers rental insurance in nearly every state. State Farm’s bundling and other discounts plus inflation coverage make it an optimal choice for the best renters insurance.

Affordability of State Farm Rental Insurance: 4.2/5.0

While rental insurance premiums differ by location and coverage options, State Farm policies are affordable. Average premiums are about $15 per month, making it a budget-friendly choice for many renters.

Renters Insurance Coverage Offered by State Farm: 4.3/5

State Farm incorporates the four basic coverage types in its rental policies. Customers also enjoy inflation coverage that adjusts personal property loss reimbursement with current inflation rates. Add-on options include replacement cost coverage, identity theft protection, waterbed liability and earthquake coverage.

Rental Claims Handling by State Farm: 4.6/5

State Farm customers can submit claims and track claims through its website, mobile app or toll-free number. The company earned an 880/1,000 on J.D. Power’s claims satisfaction survey.

State Farm Customer Experience: 4.3/5

State Farm’s website and mobile app offer convenience with features such as bill payments and access to policy documents. Prospective customers can also get rental insurance quotes on the website. State Farm has an A+ A.M. Best rating and a 1.93 NIAC complaint ratio, standard for an insurer of its size.

Renters Insurance Discounts Offered by State Farm: 3.9/5

State Farm offers two rental insurance discounts. You can get lower premiums by bundling renters and auto insurance. There’s also a home protection device discount for deadbolts, smoke detectors and security systems.

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How We Selected the Best Renters Insurance

When reviewing renters insurance companies, we looked at five benchmarks: affordability, coverage, claims handling, customer experience and available discounts. Most prospective customers evaluate these factors when shopping for policies.

Renters’ policies must offer essential coverage while easily fitting into monthly budgets. They must help renters recover from financial losses, with customization through add-ons to meet renters’ needs. Discounts are not an absolute requirement but are an industry standard, rewarding smart safety practices and customer loyalty.

Two other key dimensions are claims handling and the overall customer experience. The claims submission process should be straightforward and convenient for policyholders. Meanwhile, the insurer must also handle claims in an efficient, consistent and timely manner.

How To Choose the Best Renters Insurance  

Understanding your rental insurance options is one thing. You also need to weigh those options up against your needs. As you’re choosing your coverage, keep a few things in mind.

How Much Rental Insurance Do You Need?

Your policy should cover the cost of replacing your possessions. Before purchasing insurance, it’s a good idea to take a home inventory. Be sure to list everything you own — including clothing, electronics, appliances and high-ticket items — and estimate each item’s value. You can use your inventory to determine your coverage needs, but it can also be helpful documentation if you must file a claim.

How Do Renters Insurance Deductibles Work?

Policy deductibles are the amounts you must pay before it will pay for covered losses. If you had a $250 deductible for personal property and you had a $2,000 claim, for example, you’d pay that $250 out of pocket. Your policy would then kick in and pay for the rest of the claim, which would equal $1,750.

Are Natural Disasters Covered by Renters Insurance?

Most policies protect against losses from lightning, fire and smoke damage, wind, explosions, vandalism, theft and some water damage. Flood or earthquake coverage is usually not included, but there are some exceptions. Depending on the insurer, you may be able to purchase these as policy add-ons.

What Is Replacement Cost Coverage?

Replacement cost coverage reimburses you for the actual expense of replacing damaged or destroyed items. In contrast, actual cash value coverage pays only what your lost items are currently worth.

What Is Additional Living Expense Coverage?

Additional living expense coverage pays you if a covered loss forces you to temporarily live elsewhere. Typical covered costs include hotel bills, eating out and short-term living rentals. These are expenses you wouldn’t pay if you could stay in your apartment.

How Do I Choose the Best Renters Insurance?

You should use your priorities to select a renters’ insurance policy. Does your area have frequent power outages? Auto-Owners’ Renters Plus covers that. Are you digitally savvy and want lower rates? Lemonade or Amica could be your best picks. Ultimately, you must choose renters insurance that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Top 3 Best Renters Insurance Comparison Summary


  • Premiums start at: $5 monthly
  • Coverage available in: 27 states
  • Replacement cost coverage option: Yes
  • Website/app: Yes

Amica Mutual

  • Premiums start at: $4 weekly
  • Coverage available in: 48 states and DC (not in Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Replacement cost coverage option: Yes
  • Website/app: Yes


  • Premiums start at: $136 annually
  • Coverage available in: 26 states
  • Replacement cost coverage option: Yes
  • Website/app: Yes

Protecting What Matters with the Best Rental  Insurance

The best renters insurance provides financial security when the unexpected happens. Renters have many insurers and options to choose from. With useful benefits and an average monthly cost of $14, you can’t afford to not have a renters’ policy.