Best Restaurant When Someone Else Is Paying 2021 | Carbone | Best Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Music and Stores in Miami | Miami New Times

You’ve heard about Carbone. You’ve seen the famous rigatoni on your Instagram feed. You’ve heard about the pricey dishes and the month-long wait to snag a reservation. But here’s the thing: Carbone is actually worth all the hype. The restaurant is beautiful, the plates are hand-painted in Italy, the waiters are practiced in the old-school art of gently kibitzing, and the rigatoni is everything your friends say it is. So if you have a birthday or anniversary or promotion coming up, there’s only one place you want to be taken for your momentous day: Carbone. Start with the best baked clams outside of Brooklyn ($25) before your steaming plate of spicy rigatoni vodka ($33) arrives. Go ahead, take a hundred pictures of the perfect pink pasta before digging into the divine dish. Order another glass of wine — hell, order another bottle. And be sure to end the night with Carbone’s homemade limoncello. In short, go crazy: It’s your night, someone else has the check, and you’ve got 100 new Instagram likes.