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Two cups of Coffee Jelly from La Palme D'or.Two cups of Coffee Jelly from La Palme D'or.La Palme D’or.

La Palme D’or

La Palme D’or is located within Ala Moana Center but it deserves a solo post. This slightly fancy Japanese bakery is popular for beautiful drinks. Remember our obsession with the Coffee Jelly drink? This is my favorite spot for it. Coffee jelly, a layer of whipped, cream, ice, and your choice of milk. Stir, mix, and drink!

They also do a Plantation Iced Tea version of this jelly drink (with pineapple jelly and iced tea). For the dessert – orders the roll cakes which come in chocolate, green tea, vanilla, and strawberry. The seasonal cakes are delicious as are the classics like strawberry shortcake, flourless chocolate cake, and Japanese cheesecake.

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Chefs at the sushi bar of Sushi Sho.Chefs at the sushi bar of Sushi Sho.Sushi Sho.

Sushi Sho

If you’re going all out for one sushi omakase in Hawaii, go to Sushi Sho! No question about it.

Sushi Sho is located inside the Ritz-Carlton Waikiki. It’s most famous of all the fancy Hawaii sushi spots and for good reason. Nakazawa-san (a well respected sushi chef in Tokyo) moved to Hawaii several years ago. Instead of retiring, he opened one of the most beautiful sushi restaurants in all of Hawaii. I love how Nakazawa-san incorporates many local ingredients into a traditional omakase. Think sweet Maui onions and tender hearts of palm.

Reservations by phone are required. Make reservations far in advance (though you might get lucky with a last minute cancellation). It is worth it.

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