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Lake Como has beautiful surroundings, cozy villages, and many water sports activities. The area is ideal for walking, mountain biking, kite-surfing, sailing, water skiing, and boating. There are also countless delicious restaurants in this area. We have made a list of the best restaurants in Lake Como.

P.s: we recommend booking outside at all restaurants. Because the views are so beautiful that it would be a waste of good scenery sitting inside.

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Il Sereno Al Lago 

One of the best restaurants in Lake Como

This restaurant has the best views in town. Sit on the decks of Il Sereno Al Lago, sip your wine and enjoy the sea breeze on your cheeks. The water sparkles like diamonds under the sun and the site literally takes your breath away!

Apart from the scenic views, the gastronomy experience you get here is off the charts! Because their kitchen not only offers Italian cuisine but also International. Each dish is delicious and perfectly complements their wine collection.

Il Sereno Al Lago


Grand Hotel Tremezzo

One of the best restaurants in Lake Como

Grand Hotel Tremezzo is an iconic Nouveau-styled masterpiece built on the shores of western Lake Como. With aesthetic views and overwhelming beauty, the site spans toward the Grigne & Bellagio mountains.

Moreover, you can enjoy your food sitting under the clear sun and hear the sounds of the waves slashing. Since the Grand Hotel is a luxury hotel the food here is no less than royalty cuisine. Highly recommended if you are in around town.



Villa D’Este 

One of the best restaurants in Lake Como

When it comes to the most spectacular hotels in Italy, this place usually tops the charts. Villa D’este Como has been the home of aristocrats and princesses for over centuries.

We recommend eating at the veranda, Il Platano & sundeck because the world-class resort provides exclusive experiences to guests from all over the world. Furthermore, the flower arrangement they have blends in harmoniously with the blue waters. It truly is a sight to behold! We loved the fragrances as well as the setup.

best restaurants in Lake Como


Le Luci Del Lago 

Sit under the white umbrellas, and watch as boats sail by on crystal blue waters that reflect dazzling city lights at night! Le Luci Del Lago has one of the best views in town. Even though the food is great their aesthetic views are what they are famous for.

Furthermore, their kitchen features Italian, Mediterranean, Seafood, Lombard, and Northern-Italian cuisine. Nonetheless, we loved the staff as well as the breathtaking scenery.

Le luci del lago


Albergo ristorante vapore 

Albergo Ristorante Vapore is just perfect for a romantic date. The best time to dine is at sunset. The sombre orange hue of the setting sun behind the astounding mountains is a sight your eyes will remember for years!

Not only views, but their food is also delicious. They offer their guests Italian, Mediterranean, and seafood-based dishes. Good spot for a romantic night out.

Albergo ristorante


Figli Dei Fiori

Figli Dei Fiori is a flower shop and a restaurant. As you enter the eatery, you are surrounded by pretty flowers and various lingering fragrances of both food and flowers. The feeling you get is amazing!

Plus, the food is delicious too. Their Primi and Secondi are well worth a shot. Additionally, the portions are considerably large too. All in all, it is a happy place to be at.

Figli dei fiori Best restaurants in Lake Como


Mandarin Oriental 

One of the best restaurants in Lake Como

Beautiful lights and a warm environment come together to make this absolutely gorgeous place in Italy. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Como is a five-star hotel that lets you enjoy the luxuries and amenities of modern-day life. We recommend to eat at L’aria en CO.MO bar & Bistrot.

Because the lush blue waters and pretty sitting arrangements make it a perfect place for a tasty delicious dinner. Each table has cute flower bouquets and fragrant candles! Looked cute.



Villa Lario

Wide-open deck, clear splashing waters, and bread baskets on your table.  Villa Lario is not only a luxury hotel but its restaurant is also at the same level as any elite gastronomic eatery. Their food is delicious and fresh. Plus their staff is truly helpful and professional.

You’ll love how they have decorated the place with plants and at the same time how minimal they have kept the setup.

villa Mario Best restaurants in Lake Como


Harry’s bar

Harry’s Bar is a trendy eatery set in a lush green garden. Their kitchen features Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Plus the staff is amiable too. Let us add, that their steaks are amazing. We recommend this spot!

As the piano plays in the background, enjoy the symphony of the music in the majestic views of the mountains. Peaceful and relaxing.

Harry's bar Best restaurants in Lake Como


Ristorante Raimondi 

Street lamps all around the sitting area, majestic views, and a cozy ambiance. Ristorante Raimondi has caught our eye. Additionally, their food is great too.

The kitchen features Italian, Mediterranean, and seafood-based cuisine. Vast waters, setting sun, mesmerizing views and good food is what Raimondi offers. And we are here for it!

raimondi Best restaurants in Lake Como

This was our list of the best restaurants in Lake Como

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