Best Restaurants in Newark, OH

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Image courtesy of OHM Advisors.

Newark, Ohio is a suburb of Columbus that sits about 40 miles away. It is the county seat of Licking County and is the 20th largest city in the state of Ohio. With about 47,000 residents, it is a lot smaller than Columbus. It offers some of the amenities that a larger city does while still giving you the benefits of living in a smaller city. 

In Newark, you’ll find restaurants of all different kinds. You’ll find American food, Asian food, Italian food and so much more! If you’re in Newark, you’ll need to check out some of these amazing restaurants. They are among the best in the city!

Elliot’s Woodfired Kitchen & Tap 

This family owned restaurant will serve you amazing Neapolitan pizza. 

A pesto pizza with chicken, tomatoes, and onions.This crust is perfectly crisp. Image courtesy of Yelp.

16 W Main St. | Newark |

Elliot’s Woodfired Kitchen & Tap offers some of the best food in Licking County. This restaurant offers a menu filled with various delicious flavors and drinks from their full bar. Their woodfired pizza is one of their biggest attractions. They also serve many other classic food items, like tacos. Everything they serve is homemade. Their goal is to give you a satisfying dining experience with the highest quality food.  

Their menu includes bruschetta, French onion soup, Philly cheesesteaks, shrimp, and desserts. They even offer the option to build your own pizza. The classic pizza options on the menu include cilantro chicken, margherita, and Cajun shrimp.

Even if you only visit this restaurant for drinks, you will still have an amazing experience! Their full bar has 16 special draft beers, and the bartenders will mix up all kinds of different cocktails for you. You can always call to make reservations or to place an order for pick up. 

“This pizza. Oh my gosh. I’ve never been here in all 17 years of my life, and my man’s treated me to this. This pizza is the best pizza I have ever enjoyed. The way the cheese melts softly on your tongue. The way the pepperoni is not too crisp but just crispy enough. The way the sauce is blended gracefully through the whole thing. My mom can barely take it. It’s glorious. In one bite. Amazing.” — Yelp Review

Red Oak Pub 

This restaurant provides a welcoming environment for all types of people. 

A nacho platter loaded with toppings.This large plate is ready to be dug into. Image courtesy of Yelp. 

250 Goosepond Rd | Newark |

Red Oak Pub provides the type of environment that will suit anybody. They have a nice and casual atmosphere that your friends, your family, and even your grandparents will enjoy. This restaurant is built for casual hang outs. With their exposed brick wall, wooden interior, and live music, Red Oak Pub strives to create a welcoming environment that people want to spend time in. 

And not only does this place create the perfect atmosphere, they also have the best burger and beer selection in town! They are cooked according to your preferences and piled high with fresh ingredients. 

Their delectable burgers are served on either Kaiser rolls or pretzel buns, which are some of the best rolls to enjoy a burger with. And they serve more than just burgers! They serve a wide array of entrees and appetizers as well. When you visit, you’ll find soups, salads, paninis, wraps, and so much more. There is something here for everyone to eat! 

Red Oak Pub likes to set itself apart from the average burger joint. You won’t find reheated food at their establishment. They make everything fresh with their own creative recipes. The wait staff is also very friendly and will make you feel more than welcome. 

“Stopped in here for lunch and it never disappoints. I started with a flight of beer and they were all very good. The blue cheese crumbles paired well with the chicken. The fries are really good. They are very crispy outside. The waitress was very friendly and the service was good.” — Yelp Review

City Barbeque

This barbecue restaurant will really satisfy your tastebuds. 

A large platter with ribs, fries, baked beans, pork, sausages, and a drink.This platter will make you feel beyond full. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1195 W Church St | Newark |

City Barbeque has an award winning menu that draws customers from all over. They have skilled pit masters that make this place into what it is. The brisket they serve is smoked for up to 18 hours. The results come out so tender and so juicy that the brisket is a menu favorite. It has won more awards on its own than anything else on the menu has. This brisket will make you feel like you’re down in Texas, the barbeque capital of our country, rather than right in the midst of Ohio. 

The smokers at City Barbeque are never off. The pit masters smoke their meat at all hours of the day on a regular basis. They are highly dedicated to the art of smoking meat. Three pit masters are on the clock at any given time. And their job doesn’t only consist of smoking the meat, they source the meat and select the wood as well. When you visit this restaurant, you will be greeted by the amazing smell right away! Simply driving by can entice someone enough to make them want to stop in. 

City Barbeque is so enamored with the art of smoking that they let customers in on how it works. On their website, you’ll find a detailed description of their smoking process. First, they load fireboxes with hickory, give it space and time to start smoking, and then keep an eye on the temperature and time. Their menu includes samples, sandwiches, ribs, chicken, salads, and desserts. You can even order meat by the pound!

“As a native Texan, I KNOW my BBQ. City Barbeque brought me back home. The atmosphere was warm and inviting. All of my friends enjoyed their meals too. I will return if I ever make it back through this part of Ohio!” — Yelp Review

Barrel & Boar

This restaurant’s passion for food will draw you in. 

This burger is as juicy as it looks. Image courtesy of Yelp. 

5 N 3rd St | Newark |

Barrel & Boar was founded back in 1983 as a catering restaurant. They soon gained a passion for smoking meat and have since turned into the amazing barbeque place that it is today. Their history is one that involves a lot of partnership and passion. They started from one location and have since expanded into many others. They provide full and quick service and also serve all types of Ohio craft beers and cocktails. 

This restaurant offers a menu full of smoked meats, appetizers, sides, and desserts. Many of their menu items are popular southern favorites. You can order hush puppies, burnt ends, shrimp and grits, pork belly, chicken and waffles, along with steaks and salads. Their desserts include bread pudding and brownie sundaes. The menu is filled with great items that are sure to satisfy you during a night out. 

They sometimes even hold special events there. The latest event they will be hosting is a speakeasy dinner theater event called whiskey wars. This is not the type of entertainment that you can just find at any restaurant! You can order your tickets online and have an awesome time with friends and other restaurant patrons. 

“A true gastropub… for being in Newark, this is the best restaurant for miles!! The best wings, smoked and flash fried with homemade blue cheese to die for. The bone-in ribeye is excellent. Excellent service, modern and happy atmosphere. Highly recommend this gastropub and will certainly come back!!” — Yelp Review

Lucky Bamboo

This Chinese restaurant will improve your night out.  

Beef and broccoli with rice. This beef and broccoli is packed with flavor. Image courtesy of Yelp. 

1485 Glanville Rd. | Newark |

Lucky Bamboo is a Chinese restaurant that also serves food from different Asian cultures. This is a classic Chinese restaurant that serves all of your favorites. The food is great and the service is fast. The servers are also very friendly, making sure that any guests feel comfortable in their space. The owners are also happy to have their regulars and will make you feel like a family friend whenever they see you. There are also a few different locations in Ohio in case you have a craving for Lucky Bamboo when you’re outside of Newark!

The menu items include many of the classics. They have wonton soup, fried wontons, shrimp with lobster sauce, fried rice, and lo mien. There is general Tso’s chicken, teriyaki chicken, and mapo tofu. And they even have a Thai menu. If you’re in the mood for Thai food, you can get red or green curry, Thai basil, and pad Thai. 

Lucky Bamboo offers take out as well as din-in options. They have a separate lunch and dinner menu with cheaper prices being offered during lunch time. The lunch and dinner menus are almost identical aside from the chef’s specials. For dinner, you can order one of several chef’s specials which include Mongolian delight, kung pao scallops, and seafood delight. You can always choose something familiar or make a more adventurous choice. 

“The BEST Chinese restaurant in Licking County. Service is always super fast and superb. Very cheap lunch specials 6-7$. Everything I have had here has been great.”- Yelp Review 

Bummie’s Pub & Grub

This pub serves burgers that are thick and juicy. 

A thick burger next to fries. This thick burger will be a great addition to your day. Image courtesy of Yelp. 

155 N Cedar St. | Newark |

Bummie’s Pub & Grub is a burger space that sells thick and delicious burgers with awesome sides. Their burgers are much thicker than you’ll find at many other burger restaurants. Not only are the burgers thick, but you can also get more than one burger patty stacked on top of the other. Bummie’s is run by a couple dedicated to serving good food. Their atmosphere is a comfortable one that encourages relaxation. 

Bummie’s menu is extensive and serves more than just burgers. For appetizers, you can get fried pepperoni, pretzel bites, wings, and quesadillas. You can also get a variety of soups and salads. There are many different sandwiches, some of which include fried bologna, grilled cheese, and Italian. Their gourmet burgers include the steakhouse burger, ragin’ Cajun, and return of the Mac. You even get to build your own burger if that’s what you prefer. 

The atmosphere of Bummie’s is a casual one. It is a cozy place that is frequented by locals who live in the nearby area. They have soda and iced tea for anyone who wants a cool drink, and there is also a bar filled with different drinks the bartender can combine for you. There is also a kid’s menu for the kids that can’t handle larger meals!

“Awesome place. The burger and rings were recommended to me by a couple I met at another restaurant and it did not disappoint. The rings were some of the best ever!  Bottom line , I will be spreading the word and I’ll be back.”- Yelp Review

Newark, Ohio is filled with many great restaurants that will improve your day. Whether you want to order in, dine-in, or order catering, these restaurants will give you just what you’re looking for!