Best Sports Bar in Dallas TX – Dallas Sports Bar – Longhorn Icehouse

Welcome to the Best Sports Bar in Dallas TX

Welcome to the best sports bar in Dallas TX, “where city meets country.” Longhorn Icehouse is an upscale Texas-themed 25,000 square foot roadhouse bar, restaurant, event, entertainment and party venue that is open 7 days a week. There are 50 dining tables, an arcade space, 44 HD TVs, and 14-foot Jumbotron on display inside and a sprawling patio outside with TVs and games. Longhorn Icehouse is the ideal spot to watch your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL sports games, college football, soccer, UFC and boxing matches or to get together with your friends for happy hour specials after a long day of work. Enjoy plenty of space and Texas-themed décor inside and be sure to step out on the patio which is also equipped with HD TVs and seating for outside gatherings. Feast on our incredible lunch specials during the day, wind down at Happy Hour then enjoy Longhorn Icehouse nightlife with DJs, live bands, parties and celebrations with our wonderful customers and friendly staff.

What makes Longhorn Icehouse the best sports bar in Dallas TX is that we show all different kinds of sporting events and we feature the Sunday NFL ticket during football season so we can show all the games being played by all the teams. We always play the sound for Cowboys and Steelers games (we’re a Steelers fan HQ, too). Whether you’re rooting for the Cowboys, Steelers, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars or Texas Rangers, we’ll always have their games on when they’re playing. We love college football as well!  Saturdays we have an incredible brunch for morning and early afternoon games and our regular incredible dining and drink menu after 3pm. Don’t miss Fight Nights where we feature all the main UFC fights and boxing matches live with full sound as well (usually on Saturday nights).  Longhorn Icehouse is the ideal spot to watch all your favorite sports while enjoying great food and drinks served up by our welcoming staff with Texas southern hospitality.