This list of the best traditional Basque food restaurants in San Sebastian will allow you and help you to explore the city while you take the opportunity to have lunch or dinner in some of its most emblematic places. Once you try Basque traditional food, you will understand  the reasons why Basque gastronomy is one of the most delicious in the world .

Casa Urola

Casa Urola has always been a San Sebastian classic.  Located in the busy Fermin Calbeton Street (Old Town), you will find dishes cooked  with the best seasonal ingredients  from the local market. On the ground floor, you will find the bar. Treat yourself with a seasoal pintxo accompained by a glass of txakoli before your lunch or dinner. On the first floor you will find the elegant restaurant. Without a doubt, the grill is the main protagonist of this food paradise. Enjoy a starter based on grilled seasonal vegetables and get grilled fish as main course paired with a nice bottle of white wine. 


Restaurant with 25 years of experience located in the Old Town. Product-based cuisine and committed to quality products. Noted for its tapas bar, the restaurant is also a reference.

Asador Portuetxe

The restaurant occupies an old farmhouse that is over 400 years old. Typical Basque Grill house, noted for its rustic decor. As for the kitchen, the grilled fish and cutlet are noteworthy.

Astelena 1997

Ander Gonzalez is leading this restaurant located in Euskal Herria Street. Market fresh cuisine that does not forget the new Basque winds. They really take care of the product, process and presentation. Worth to be in our list of the best traditional food restaurants in San Sebastian.

Zelai Txiki

With more than 20 years of experience this restaurant is located in an old farmhouse. They offer a traditional Basque/Mediterranean menu with some modern touches. Among their specialties we can find fish and meat dishes prepared in their firewood oven.


Villa with charm converted into a restaurant. Traditional Basque cuisine specialized in seafood, grilled fish and steak (here known as txuleta) . It has its own hatchery. In spring and summer their terrace is remarkable.

Bodegón Alejandro

This restaurant located in the Old Town has absorbed the evolution of the traditional Basque cuisine. They have adapted their dishes to changing times without losing its old charm. They offer menu a la carte and tasting menu.


This restaurant located in the Old Town is specialized in fish and seafood. They offer mixed grills including seafood grown in their own hatcheries. Also noteworthy is the ham and wine selection.