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What happens when you take brisket from one of the best pitmasters in Texas and parlay it with one of the best Asian cuisine chefs in Texas? Well, you get LORO Asian Smokehouse. But, looking past the fundamental menu items like brisket served with chili gastrique and Thai herbs, or the smoked prime bavette with a shishito salsa verde, the humble LORO Cheeseburger makes happy hour happy again. A red onion brisket jam (which is 95% brisket) is piled thick and high atop a juicy patty with two sheaths of butter lettuce and Muenster cheese. The bun only lasts about halfway through, at which point you shove the rest of the burger in your mouth. Breathe it all in nice and slow. Find this burger on the happy hour menu, weekdays 2 to 5 p.m.