Best Winery, Resort, and Inn Wedding Venues | The Visit Napa Valley Blog

With a Mediterranean-like climate, gorgeous landscapes, and world-renowned food and wine, it’s no wonder so many couples opt for a wedding amongst our rolling vineyards. Where in the valley to say, “I do,” however, depends on what you’re looking for – and what you like.

Winery options are limited – only five Napa Valley wineries can legally host weddings due to the Winery Definition Ordinance (WDO) set in place in 1989. The WDO was established to protect Napa Valley’s agricultural land by clearly specifying what sorts of activities were allowed and not allowed on property. Of those wineries that can host weddings, they were “grandfathered” in due to their pre-regulatory status. And while resort locations are plentiful, they are usually geared toward larger groups.

Fortunately, there are a bevy of sites for all group sizes and interests – everything from culinary centers to parks and more. Here are some of our favorite Napa Valley venues for tying the knot.