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Original review: Aug. 2, 2022

I am in tears as I write this. My car is undriveable and dangerous until problem fixed. The auto service dept said for me to have it towed. This was last Thursday. I called USAA, next day, Friday morning and set up an appointment for the following Monday (today) for towing at 7:30 AM. No one showed and after multiple calls all day long I was told that I had canceled to appointment. I had not! After more calls to USAA roadside assist I was told at 5 pm that they could not find a towing company and would look around for a new company and let me know if they could find one. I found many towing companies nearby online but decided to

wait it out. USAA has a company named Agero that said they do all the dispatching for USAA. Multiple all day frantic phone calls has depleted me and left me feeling abandoned. My auto service dept had placed my car on special detail due to the serious nature of the problem.

I kept my dogs locked up most of the day in respect to the towing driver and felt such concern for them that I had to let them out often while juggling frantic calls to USAA. Some of the people on the phone were hard to understand due to language problems telling me they were in another country. I have a fear that My car will not be towed at all. USAA has really shown incompetence and bad management. The last call I made late today said the towing company they finally called decided not to come here. Now they are hunting another company.

My car is in a nice flat area with huge turnaround and no reason could be given for any of these strange actions. I am very distressed and worried. I must find a good, dependable, competent company to handle my needs. USAA appears to now be managed by incompetent morons. What can I do???? I am under great stress as I write this and need my car desperately. A rental car will not work for my needs. Please look for competence if you want roadside assistance. I do not think of USAA as being that company at all.

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