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Big Box Store for Restaurants in Northwest Indiana

Big Box Store for Restaurants in Northwest Indiana

Restaurant Depot is nearing completion in Griffith. (photo courtesy: The Times of Northwest Indiana)

A new 55,000-square-foot warehouse-style store in Griffith geared towards restaurant owners and other small businesses is about a month away from opening. Our partners at The Times of Northwest Indiana report the Restaurant Depot big-box store is a cash-and-carry food wholesaler, offering a variety of goods ranging from food to bulk restaurant supplies. It also offers industrial kitchen equipment and refrigerators.

The New York-based chain says it serves restaurants, nonprofits or anyone with a business license.

The publication says the business particularly targets a market of independent restaurants, and businesses just starting up.

“People are willing to come for the discounts and the amount of money they save,” said Tricia Snider, Restaurant Depot regional chief operating officer. “We are a warehouse store. You come in and you can buy a unit, you can buy a case, you can buy a pallet.”

Restaurant Depot has more than 150 stores in 33 states. It has a location in Indianapolis and five other locations in Chicagoland.

“We are really tapping the greater Chicagoland market,” Snider said. “In Northwest Indiana, there’s a lot of opportunities here. There’s a lot of businesses. We think we can bring a lot of value to the people in the communities around here.”

The store is scheduled to open December 15.