Binghamton University, SUNY – Niche

I have really enjoyed my experience at Binghamton University so far socially. There are so many clubs and activities, and the overall tone of the campus is quite lively and fun. There are so many places offered for studying and resources for excelling. Academically, I have found that the math/actuarial department is actually very bad. Despite being rated very highly for its actuarial science program, Binghamton University has some of the worst math professors I have ever heard of. My classes have constantly had issues, and the class averages for exams were often around a 30/100! All of the students were doing extremely poorly on their exams, and were just given a C to pass and move on. The professors do not care about their students actually learning, and therefore they do an awful job teaching the difficult material. I am so thankful to be almost done here, because every semester has brought on a new, dreadful challenge regarding my math professors.