Birthday Wishes for Co-Workers – Birthday Wishes and Messages by Davia

Brighten your co-worker’s day with these happy birthday messages!

A co-worker can make or break a job. They can turn the most boring, repetitive task into something entertaining. That’s why, when you find a good co-worker, you should go out of your way to thank them. Join in on the jokes and office pranks, and when their birthday comes around get ready to send a card full of birthday wishes to your co-worker.

Tell your desk mate, the IT professional who fast tracks your computer requests, or the person three floor down who is the best person to bounce ideas off of that they’re a wonderful co-worker and deserve the best on their birthday. This should not be a day for them to worry about deadlines or meetings or the next big emergency. Today, you’ll pick up the slack because for every day that they made work function smoothly and enjoyable, you’re about to return. They’re about to be smothered in attention.

Gift birthday wishes, a cupcake, and appreciation to your co-worker this year!

1. Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Co-worker. Wishing you all the success and happiness in the world!

2. Happy Birthday To My Amazing Co-worker. The meetings, the deadlines and the conference calls can wait. Today is all about celebrating someone very special, who makes coming to work so much fun

3. Happy Birthday. Balloons, cake, lots of fun and laughter. That’s the only way to celebrate a co-worker as awesome as you! Enjoy your special day.

4. To My Wonderful Co-worker, Happy Birthday. From coffee breaks to inside jokes, we’ve shared so many great times together. Wishing you an amazing day & year ahead!

5. Happy Birthday. You’re not just our co-worker, you’re also a great friend. Here’s hoping this year’s celebration is the sweetest one ever!

6. Happy Birthday. Here’s to a cool co-worker who means business when it comes to celebrating. Time to kick up your heels and have some fun!

7. Happy Birthday. Cheers to an awesome co-worker who knows how to get the job done while also having lots of fun!

8. Happy Birthday. I am so fortunate to have a co-worker and friend as wonderful as you. I hope all your wishes come true today and in the year ahead!

9. Happy Birthday To a Fantastic Colleague! May all your wishes come true.

10. Happy Birthday! We are so happy to have you as our colleague. Wishing you a terrific day and successful year!

11. Happy Birthday. You are not only my Colleague, you are also my friend. Hoping you have a wonderful celebration!

12. Happy Birthday To a great colleague! Sending you special wishes so that you are sure to have the most fantastic day.

13. Happy Birthday. A colleague as awesome as you deserves to have the best birthday celebration ever. Enjoy it and have fun!

14. Happy Birthday To One Awesome Colleague! It’s Your Big Day – Dream Big!

15. Hey Colleague! It’s your special day, that means it’s time to stop sleeping on the job and start celebrating!

16. Happy Birthday. Things can get a little serious around here so don’t forget to attend the meeting later for instructions on how to have fun. Thanks for being such a great colleague. We appreciate you!

17. To A Special Colleague! This day is all about you so make it a good one, and make sure to save me some cake!

18. Happy Birthday To Our Colleague! Wishing you a great and exciting day, along with a very prosperous and memorable year!

19. Title: A Huge Gift – Happy Birthday Co-Worker Cards

20. Title: Birthday Fireworks – Happy Birthday Co-Worker Cards

21. Title: Happy Birthday Co-Worker Cards

22. Title: Office Celebration– Happy Birthday Co-Worker Cards

23. Title: Cake For The Co-Worker – Happy Birthday Co-Worker Cards

24. Title: Colorful & Wonderful – Happy Birthday Co-Worker Cards

25. Title: Beautiful Candles – Happy Birthday Co-Worker Cards

26. Title: Popup Gift – Happy Birthday Co-Worker Cards

27. Title: Chocolatey Birthday – Happy Birthday Co-Worker Cards

28. Title: Friendship Wins – Happy Birthday Co-Worker Cards

Work shouldn’t get in the way of properly celebrating a birthday. Make sure you make time in your day for your co-worker’s special day, sharing a laugh over coffee or a walk around the block. A co-worker is more than a team mate, they’re the friend you are eager enough to see to roll out of bed on a Monday morning. They keep you going through the dull periods and the hectic ones. Spread the love with these co-worker birthday wishes cards!