Black Marlin Restaurant Simons Town, Cape Town

Nestled unobrtrusively on one of the most scenic coastlines in the Cape, just outside Simon’s Town & en-route to Cape Point, You will Find the Black Marlin Restaurant.

In 1814, Mr Thomas Drury had signed for a grant of land, which would later become known as Millers Point, accepting the conditions: “To preserve the dam, the watering place, & the right of way for cattle.” Contemplating retirement in 1826 Drury advertised his place, Elsemere Valley, for sale, expounding its virtues as a productive & fruitful place in a high state of cultivation & one of the best suited for whale fishery in False Bay. Fish could be procured in abundance & it was also well considered for Sea Bathing.

It was sold two years later to Mr Edmund Miller. In Edmund Miller’s time, whaling was a thriving industry & the concrete foundations of Miller’s huge cauldrons can still be seen near the tidal pool today. Thankfully those barbaric operation swere stopped in the 1850s. It was then taken over by the Molteno family who made considerable alterations to the homestead & dairy farm which is now know as the Black Marlin Restaurant.

Once a whaling station, this historical building ensures the perfect setting for an idyllic lunch or evening dining experience. the garden is a popular choice in the summer months, which offers “al fresco dining” or one may choose to dine within the restaurant. During “whale season” (early July to December), our guests often enjoy their meal whilst watching whales sidling along the coastline. The garden is also home to our 100-year-old Camellia Japonica treee that blooms four different colours (red, pink, white & pink & white)

Established as a restaurant since the mid 1960’s, the Black Marlin has earned a reputation for its stunning seafood, award winning wine list, attentive service & incredible views. We now also cater for Year-end funcitons & receptions