Black Point Ocean Grill



Name: Paola Moseley
Occupation: Wireless Consultant
Lives In: Miami
Restaurant Pick: Black Point Ocean Grill
Reviewed: Black Point Ocean Grill

The drive is surprising because it seems that you’re headed into a dead end, but the dead end opens up to Black Point Marina. The park area is somewhat divided, but you can easily see where the restaurant is located. Parking lot has ample parking for boat trailers, boat slip owners and guests of the area. Once arriving at the restaurant, you begin to see that the casual atmosphere is what this restaurant is all about. The menu is simple, but you’re greeted by a blackboard that brings new and innovative menu items for the day that will entice you to ‘get out of the normal burger mode’. The food is good, flavors are well married and all the ingredients are fresh. The drinks are never left empty by the attentive staff and if you have room for desserts, it’s worth trying. The overall experience we had was and continues to be a positive one. Always greeted by friendly staff, always fresh food and if you want something cooked ‘differently’…just ask. I love to recommend this to newcomers or to meet friends for lunch or dinner.


Name: Margie Scacci
Occupation: Make-Up Artist
Lives In: Tavernier
Restaurant Pick: Bayside Gourmet
Reviewed: Black Point Ocean Grill

Entering into the parking lot was very confusing, but we figured it out. It was a beautiful day out and when we got to the restaurant, we were seated immediately. We were told the specials by Tenille, who was friendly and very knowledgeable. Great service. The fish dip we ordered was remarkable. It was served in a tortilla shell with all the fixings. I liked the outdoor feel, very cheerful and a beautiful view off the marina. The other view was a landfill. The portions were great and the price was right. My blackened chicken wrap was very tasty and the homemade Key Lime Pie was out of this world.


Name: Frank Derfler
Occupation: Writer
Lives In: Islamorada
Restaurant Pick: Kaiyo Grill & Sushi
Reviewed: Black Point Ocean Grill

Wow… takes a sighting on Mount Trashmore from Florida’s Turnpike. You want to pass along the south end of Mount Trashmore heading east. The Black Point Ocean Grill is in Black Point Marina. The marina is a county park with a hiking trail, boat ramp and other facilities.

The restaurant is tucked into a corner of the marina with a view of the boats. The sun sets behind Mount Trashmore. All of the seating is outdoors, but about 2/3 is covered. Your degree of comfort depends directly on the weather. They have a full bar and in the early afternoon the Margaritas were flowing. Big drinks with a good pour. Sitting at the bar could be fun. Note that even though all of the seating is outdoors you cannot bring your dog because pets are not allowed in the park. It’s a county thing. Because of the marina, there isn’t an over-abundance of parking. You might have to hunt for a parking spot and then walk to the restaurant, but the park is nice.

We arrived at 1pm on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. The place was rocking. Every seat was full and the staff was hectic. But, by magic a table opened and we took it. Specials were written on a chalkboard and communications with the servers was brief. The menu tends toward seafood and finger food, but the burgers we saw going out looked great. We were waited on by three different servers… each one in a hurry… but somehow our food arrived promptly and it was excellent. The Stone Crab Chowder was everything a chowder should be with potatoes and corn. Excellent. My wife’s Dolphin Reuben was unique and good. I had classic Fish and Chips. The taste was fine, not greasy, but the fish cut was thick and round instead of a flat filet you find in the British version.

As we were finishing our main course the servers, as they flashed by, were telling customers that the computer system was down. From somewhere (a hurricane kit?) they produced order pads with carbon paper and they manually re-created orders. Credit cards required manual processing and things became frustrated as well as hectic.
Despite the computer problem, we would go back again. I can imagine that on a weekend afternoon the crowd would be a lot of fun. The clientele was a lot of couples in their 30s on up, but there were some guys who obviously arrived via a serious bike ride and some younger hikers. Dress code ranged from khakis to spandex. Good food, good fun, in a Marina Bar and Grill atmosphere. Where do all the people come from out beyond the edge of the Glades?