Black & White

Black & White is interesting and charming, but there is some finessing needed. Its initial concept was that of two different restaurants in the same building: Black with a Mediterranean menu and White with a menu geared for seafood. Ultimately, so many customers wanted to order from both that the restaurant gave in and starting handing two menus to everyone. There are a lot of crossovers (both menus feature Spanish, French and Italian food with a dash of Mexican), and it makes sense at this point to just unify them.
Indeed, if the restaurant would ditch half its offerings, it would immediately improve. The bouillabaisse is consistently way too salty, and the spaghetti porcini arrabbiata, which should be at least a little spicy with red pepper flakes, was nothing but pallid sauce and slightly overcooked pasta. There are some dishes, though, that Black & White does a fantastic job with. These include the bone-in rib eye, salmon carpaccio and the amazing , or fried eggs over potatoes with slices of Spanish chorizo. The cocktails here are also balanced and well worth the indulgence. Because of these moments of brilliance and the great potential for improvement, Black & White is worth a visit. Ask to sit on the White side, a lighter, brighter, happier environment than the funereal, sparse motif of the Black dining room.