Boll Weevil menu in Lakeside, California, USA

I was pulling for this little varmint. We kept seeing it there, on the other side of the road from our morning Starbucks, tempting us. Every morning we saw the mythical creature across the road, beckoning us, deviously chuckling and then hiding behind the bushes next to a car wash … inconspicuous.

We had such great expectations, to our delight it was even cuter on the inside than we expected. This place was definitely our kind of place…ambiance wise. But no matter how much we admired the Boll Weevil's devilish cuteness, the food was a little smaller than we thought it was going to be. At a place like this at home we would spend maybe 30% less to get this much food. I was ok with it though because it was good, as long as you know you like little hole in the wall type places with tastey chili cheese fries and crunchy, crispy onion rings. The salad I got was awesome and the Buffalo sauce is reminding me to add another star back even though I initially wrote this a week ago.

As far as the food goes, it was adequate given we were camping and a nice prepared meal was extra appreciated. ? we gave a nice fat tip to the waitress because she honestly loves this little place and so did we