Bosch (company) – Wiki

Bosch is a Germany-based company with a focus on technology solutions in sectors such as mobility, consumer goods, and industrial technology. Its majority shareholder is Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, which is a charitable foundation. It had more than €
77 billion in revenue in 2019 and has acquired 11 organizations.


Market-specific contexts where Bosch’s technology can be applied include commercial buildings, airport facilities, the automotive industry, entertainment and hotel facilities, railways and train stations, and mining facilities. It uses the cloud and Internet of Things to connect its products to vehicles, home appliances, and power tools. In an industrial context, products for automation, business processing outsourcing, and more are available.

The company also works in the health technology sector and has developed Vivalytic, a solution for molecular laboratory diagnostics. This technology can be utilized for procedures including end-point PCR. It can be used for diagnostics and screenings of viruses, such as COVID-19.