Bosch eBike Systems | Premium drives for eBikes & Pedelecs

Motors, batteries, displays and apps

The motor, or 'drive unit' as we call it, is the electric drive that assists you while riding. At Bosch, the following applies: The power comes from the centre, which is why we only offer eBike mid-drive motors. From cargo bikes in everyday life to mountain bikes on the trail, the power of the Bosch drive system can be harnessed to optimum effect, thanks to sophisticated sensor management. The start-up behaviour ranges from smooth and agile to sporty; different riding modes from Eco to Turbo are available. The necessary power is supplied by powerful lithium-ion batteries featuring eye-catching design and remarkable efficiency. A Bosch eBike display on the handlebar completes the drive system. The robust Purion, Intuvia, Kiox and Nyon displays show all important riding data at a glance, such as speed, battery level and range.

The smart system also combines the motor, battery and display ensuring even more riding enjoyment thanks to the perfect interaction of the components. Thanks to the new eBike Flow app and the LED Remote control unit, your eBike is now fully connected – and therefore fit for the digital future.