Boston Hotel – and ’90s menu – is back in business

Prime rib is back in the Town of Boston after a group of former employees reopened the Boston Hotel.

Owner Kathleen Mrugala said a group of ex-workers have returned to bring back the Boston Hotel menu of the 1990s. The restaurant, at 9373 Boston State Road, had been closed since June before reopening Nov. 15.

“Things are going great,” Mrugala said. “The town is rallying around us. It’s so awesome I can hardly explain it.”

The tavern’s food menu had drifted under the prior administration, leaving people dissatisfied, she said. “Then the place closed in June, and we bought it.”

The people staffing the restaurant with her now “worked here for about 25-30 years, and know it like the back of their hand,” she said.

Prime rib ($18.99/12 ounces) is served Wednesday through Sunday. Sandwiches include beef on weck ($9.99), grilled chicken breast ($9.99), and 8-ounce hamburgers ($8.99).

The Friday fish fry ($12.99) is beer battered haddock, with macaroni salad, cole slaw, french fries, and rye bread.

Seafood scampi, dainties, broiled scallops, steamed and raw clams, snow crab, lobster tails and salmon round out the seafood offerings.

People are coming in that we hadn’t seen for a while, since it wasn’t as good as it used to be,” Mrugala said. “The town is so excited.”

Hours: 11 a.m.-midnight 7 days a week. Phone: 941-0908.

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