BOUDIN SOURDOUGH BAKERY & CAFE, San Francisco – Tripadvisor Reviews

You know you must REALLY love the food, when you're out of town on vacation and dine at two restaurants of the same chain in a matter of 6 days. Such was the case with us during our trip to San Francisco, when we dined…at this Boudin Bakery located at 2890 Taylor St. (Look for another review of the 2nd Boudin location at Pier 39.) Anyway, this was the only rainy day we had during our trip, we had walked 1-1/2 miles from our hotel (came prepared with umbrella's and ponchos), and we were starved. My wife ordered the Chili bread bowl and I had the Crab bread bowl. They were both awesome. Chili was not too spicy, and the crab bowl had an abundance of crab meat. I wish that I had taken more pics to share with you. This place is HUGE, and yeah, it gets busy. Tip … I hear the sandwiches are great, as are all the selections of bread available. AND, if you're chilly and a bit wet, they served the best d*** cup of coffee I had during our stay in San Francisco.

Here's where I knock one star off an otherwise 5-star rating. If you need a restroom, you have to go outside to a public facility which is located about 100 feet through a parking lot. (pic of me in the mirror included.) Don't I look happy?

Come on Boudin, you can do better than this.