Brass Monkey menu in St Pete Beach, Florida, USA

There are a few reasons why I gave this restaurant only 2 stars.
Our server Morgan was initially very sweet but then seemed to get frustrated throughout our experience there.. She was forgetting to bring us different things so we had to keep asking. In particular we needed silverware and and she said they were out so she brought us plastic wear . That's fine unless you need to cut some meat which then it makes it very difficult.. We went to the bar To get some silverware and they seemed to have it readily available. Unfortunately our waitress lied to us on that account.
Regarding the food it's definitely of a lesser quality than expected, even for a beach And sandals restaurant.
The waitress brought us old wine which then we had to go up to the bar to request a fresh bottle. The manager Then stepped in and opened a fresh bottle for us. This is the only reason why this restaurant gets 2 stars instead of none.