Breakfast at Valerie’s menu in Vancouver, Washington, USA

WOW, prepare to be shocked by the portion sizes!!

Atmosphere: It’s a typical breakfast/lunch diner atmosphere. You’ll have a tiny waiting area up front that will most likely have a wait to be seated. Parking can be tight, so I recommend parking in the Fred Meyer Parking by the gas station and just walk over.

Food: WOW! Haven’t had anything bad here and have never left without leftovers… GEEZ! It’s not necessarily your High-End type food, but much much better than Elmer’s/Denny’s etc…

Price: Pricing is fair. The quantity for the food, I don’t think you’d feel too bad about.

Service: Hit and miss on service. I believe our last time here was our best experience yet, but we don’t count on that. 🙂

Overall: Absolutely recommend! This is a local spot that most people know or have heard about. We’ll definitely be back! 🙂