Breathtaking views over the lake – Como – Ristorante Gatto Nero | Gatto Nero

Terrace with lake view, large indoor dining rooms, excellent cuisine

The Gatto Nero restaurant, with its wonderful view over lake Como, is located along the road that leads up towards Monte Bisbino, perched over the lake in a position that affords our dinners an unparalled panorama of the local scenery. Ideal for romantic encounters, as well as business and group dinners.

The Gatto Nero restaurant is a popular destination for visiting celebrities, including George Clooney and other well-known Hollywood stars, Italian and international politicians, world-famous sportsmen and women, in addition to a large, local clientele.

The restaurant has a terrace and spacious lounges overlooking the beautiful southwestern branch of Lake Como. Together with his collaborators, Claudio, Laura, and Simone, the owner, Paolo, puts passion into his work, striving to satisfy the highly demanding clientele of this “corner of paradise”.

The restaurant offers a private car park and shuttle service from private parking.