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BTH (By the Hudson), New York, NY

BTH (By the Hudson) Restaurant Review:

When it comes to names, this restaurant does not lie. Hugging the Hudson River, BTH, or By the Hudson, offers a room with a view. Which is good because the dining room feels a bit staid; not even a back wall emitting colored moody backlighting could save it. Floor-to-ceiling windows do, though. And the so-called “Amer-ibbean” — translation: American-Caribbean — cuisine can, too. Start with a dose of the creamy lobster-spiked mac ‘n’ cheese or the trio of sliders topped with aïoli and sweet peppers. Winning mains include scallops on grilled polenta sprinkled with hints of dark chocolate shavings and peppercorn-encrusted lamb. The small wine list is unimpressive but the house cocktails, especially the vodka, watermelon and cayenne pepper concoction, are worth imbibing. Service is friendly and spot on.