Buckner’s Family Restaurant – Jackson, GA | Review & What to Eat

Home-style fried chicken

Buckner’s Family Restaurant is known for its home-style fried chicken, which is fresh and tender. There is no menu to order from, as the food is served family-style. You will be seated at a round table with the food in bowls on a lazy Susan in the center of the table. Unless you have a large party, you likely will be seated with other diners.

What should I eat at Buckner’s Family Restaurant?

Fried chicken and barbecue pork are normally the two entrees. Brunswick stew is often available. The selection of Southern-style vegetables varies and may include Irish potatoes, corn, cabbage, stewed tomatoes, cole slaw, etc. Cobbler is usually the dessert that comes with the meal. The food is good and plentiful.

Waitresses bring the drinks and replenish the food in the bowls, as needed. The drink choices provided with the meal are sweet or unsweet tea and water. If you prefer, there is a vending machine where you can purchase soft drinks that come in a can.

Worth the price!

There is a fixed price for the meal. You should definitely get you money’s worth at Bucker’s and have an enjoyable Southern country dining experience.