Building a Successful Network Marketing Company: The Systems, the Products, and the Know-How You Need to Launch or Enhance a Successful MLM Company: Moore, Angela: 9780761512738: Books

This book was offered at about half what anybody else was asking for it. I went ahead and ordered it. It was listed as “New”, but it’s out of print. So I knew that was more along the lines of “like new”. I received it on the early side of the delivery window, and it’s in great shape (like New). I saved a lot of money compared to the other offers for the same book, and I am very happy with my purchase. I would definitely order from this seller again.

As far as the book itself goes, if you want to know how to structure (or understand) MLM compensation plans, this is not the right book for that, and the author says so right up front. I would recommend “Understanding Multi-Level Comissions and Their Role in a Successful Company” written by Mark L. Rawlins for that. He’s a software engineer, and you can’t program something you don’t understand. Beyond that, there’s a lot of insight into how to abstract the types of plans and see the psychological effect on the various players in the distributor network. I’m a software engineer, and this is critical for me. It’s a pretty technical read, but even if you gloss over the low level details, there’s a lot of good stuff in there. The guy has apparently done a very large number of plans for a large number of companies, and he’s got a lot of insight into what flies and what doesn’t seem to in the aggregate.

Building a Successful Network Marketing Company is aimed more towards the marketing and executive side of the company and what senior management needs to consider and do to create a successful marketing and sales platform independent of whatever compensation plan is used. That being said, there is some higher level discussion of the compensation plans that I found to be complementary (see the distributor/sales perspective) relative to the more technical Rawlins book. The compensation plan is just a small part of the overall necessary ingredients to make a successful MLM. Even with the best plan and software in the world, without products, and branding and sales leaders, and motivators and whatnot, you won’t be successful. And if those people don’t like the plan, regardless of how “good” it is, it also won’t be successful.

So one book is more for engineers and technical people, and the other is more for the management/structuring/administration/people side of the house.