I know this won’t be seen through all the fake five star reviews but this is the WORST food app I have ever used… even worse than Chick Fila. It doesn’t tell you until after you pay for your order that the coupon/deal you used wasn’t for the location you went to, DON’T SHOW THE COUPON IF IT’S NOT AVAILABLE AT THAT LOCATION, I lost $22 on that order. When I complained they gave me a $10 off coupon I could only use through the app. I used it last night with a gift card and it didn’t take $10 off instead it charged me $1 to use the support coupon… ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? I have screenshots of my receipt showing this. When I complained about that all they said was Sorry here’s some bk points you can only use through the app— WHAT PART OF I’LL NEVER USE THIS APP AGAIN DON’T YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND. And the workers say that they have no control over the app and they can’t fix anything for you when the app messes up and that they’re constantly being yelled at by customers because there’s always an issue when someone uses the app to order. The people who chose this app and its programmers should look into whoever did McDonald’s app because theirs is flawless and if something messes up the restaurant is able to fix it themselves. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE MONEY!!!!!!! I don’t think I will go back to Burger King simply because of my experiences with the app and the horrible customer service that comes with it