Burma Superstar – San Francisco – a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant

Like any celebrity, it’s easy to recognize this unusual dark wood superstar from the eager crowds swarming like paparazzi. Everyone endures their no-reservations policy to Instagram their favorite Burmese dishes. See the iPhones poised over the famed rainbow and tea leaf salads or samusa soup (also available as a lunchtime combo). Regulars stick to traditional items, marked by asterisks on the menu. Palate-tingling options include rice noodles with pickled daikon and tofu in a spicy tomato-garlic sauce, or pork and kabocha squash stewed in a gingery broth with coconut sticky rice. A creamy Thai iced tea is the perfect counterbalance to the spicy, boldly flavored fare.

Hipper digs, a cooler crowd and updated favorites can be found at sib, Burma Love.