Business ASL – Restaurant – SignAble Vi5ion

Transcript: Imagine…

Going into your favourite restaurant, you’re sitting around the table, enjoying catching up with friends and ready to eat, but when you try to give your order, the server is looking back at you and freezes up.

Now I want you to imagine coming into that same restaurant, but instead of

being met with an awkward gaze, you have a server who is happy to see you and engaging, who has the tools they need to communicate with any customer who comes through the door.

I’m Leah, and I teach businesses inclusive communication strategies. I provide business owners and their employees the knowledge and skills to take the awkwardness out of accommodation so they can better serve their customers.

Teacher: Okay, so think of the number two, and then cross your thumb over to the middle finger.

This includes customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, new Canadians, persons

with autism, seniors, and the list goes on. And you.

Teacher: If you are right-dominant, use your right hand. If you’re left-dominant, use your left hand.

I’ll teach you how to promote positive attitudes and behaviour towards customers who communicate differently; to improve your employee’s awareness and understanding of different approaches to communication; and I’ll show you how having simple tools, like proper signage, using visual information, and knowing ASL can change the way your business serves its customers for the better.

º º

Teacher: Like, think of a book, and you’re like taking that information off the page and putting it into your brain. I’m learning.

Workshops are customized to meet your business’ needs. I come to your business, show you what you’re already doing right, and offer feedback on

opportunities where you can improve. You’ll learn of common communication frustrations and barriers that many experience. We’ll run through scenarios

where I show your employees how to communicate with any customer successfully, whether this is serving a coffee, making a pizza, or completing a transaction. I’ll show you how making use of visuals around you, some ASL, clear signage, and a good attitude can make a world of difference and earn your customer’s repeat business. You will learn signs for specific words and phrases related to your workplace environment. You’ll be surprised how effective these tools will be.

º º

Additionally, online modules can be made available after training for

independent review and practice of skills learned.

Teacher: Bravo, everybody. Thanks very much. Enjoy your day.

With this training, you demonstrate that your business prioritizes access for all. If you make your customers feel welcome, and they can access your services easily, you may have just gotten yourself a customer for life. And they’ll bring others with them too.

When there’s access for all, everyone wins.