Business Corporate Presentation Template – SlideModel

The Business Corporate Presentation Template is a company profile and portfolio presentation. With the help of this business corporate template, the companies can deliver a professional outlook of their organizational culture. The modern slide designs not only save time but also gives an elegant graphical content. These visually appealing slides get maximum audience attention, helping them to relate the presenter’s word to PowerPoint graphics. It is a 17 slides layout providing topics to introduce the business to potential its stakeholders and competitors. The order of these topics enables viewers to learn about company’s agenda, its team, services, and offered solutions. These include:

  • Welcome message with cover slide
  • Agenda
  • Company profile
  • Our Team
  • Slides to present your Vision & Mission
  • Services offered
  • Multiple Slides to present a SWOT Analysis
  • Company overview with world map
  • Our services slide
  • Quote
  • Thank you slide

The Business Corporate Presentation Template contain infographics icons, high-quality images, and creative shape designs. These corporate slides are attention-grabbing layouts for basic information of company like “Who we are?” and “What we do?”. The first slide of corporate PowerPoint shows the high-resolution image of suspension bridge. The use of bridge can portray long-term project timeline. Further slides display two contents layout displaying creative placement of images. A company profile, for instance, shows skyscraper image in three shape segments. The users can replace this image with another. To do so, select the image, right click and go to shape format option. Under the shape-fill options, choose picture or texture fill. It gives the option to either browse an image from computer or online.

The business presentation template of corporate profile contains a collection of infographic icons and shapes. These icons help to represent various business and management terms. For example, eye and mountain for vision and mission. Similarly, the services slide briefcase and dartboard etc. Furthermore, companies can use this corporate PowerPoint template as an introduction on their website and other mediums and this can be combined with other slides and presentation templates from this site.