Business English: Talking about your company

You may need to present your company to visitors, potential investors or partners, or new suppliers and clients. Here is some useful English vocabulary to learn that will help you talk clearly, concisely and positively about what your company does.

Giving the history of your company

We were founded / set up / established in 1981.

We merged with X company in 1990.

We set up a subsidiary in the UK.

The subsidiary was sold off two years after and the remaining company was split into five different divisions.

We floated on the stock exchange last year, and we are now listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Talking about your products and services

We make / produce packaging material.

We manufacture car engines.

We supply paper products.

We launched a new washing powder last month. It has revolutionised the washing process. We have pioneered new ways of reducing energy costs in domestic appliances.

We are researching new products for the home entertainment industry. We hope to roll them out early next year.

We are developing new software for the internet. Our R&D department is working closely with our international partners.

Company performance

We are the market leaders in three countries.

We have expanded our operations.

Our company has grown by one-third.

We make annual profits of $1 million.

Our turnover is in excess of $2 million.

Company structure

At the head is the President, or CEO.

Below the President is the Managing Director, who has overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the company.

The company is divided into different departments, each with its own director. The Marketing and Sales department consists of the sales team, and customer services. The Administration department also includes Human Resources.

We employ more than 2000 people worldwide.


I report to the Marketing Manager.

I deal with customer enquiries.

We work closely with the sales team, who are in charge of customer accounts.

We co-operate with our offices worldwide.

We have more than one branch in some countries.

We are responsible for our own markets.