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According to, if everything’s done right, the open rate of such corporate introduction emails can be as high as 91%, and the conversion rate as high as 27%.

These can be either B2B (describing a partnership, requesting investment, or describing the products/services) or B2C (introducing sales, new products, discounts) company introduction emails.

A business introduction email is a good way for organizations to present themselves to their potential customers, investors, partners, distributors, or other individuals/businesses to present products or services that the company offers to engage the recipient in further communication.

The content of such sample emails to introduce or company or product may vary from addressee to addressee, though, in general, this type of introduction email to new client contains the following points:

Business introduction email samples

Sample email to introduce your company and product

This business email introduction example is perfect for presenting a specific product/service:

Company introduction email template

Greetings [recipient’s name],
I’m [your name], and I represent [company]. I’m pleased to inform you about our new release [description of a product or service].
As a [your position] I’m always glad to share important information about [industry] and do my best to assist your organization with [explanation of how you can solve a customer’s problem].
Please notify me if you are willing to learn more about that.
Yours respectfully,
[your name and contacts]

This one is more suitable for introducing your company to the addressee:

Hi [recipient’s name],
I hope you’re doing well!
My name is [your name] and I work for [name of the organization]. I would like to discuss with you the way we’ve been introducing the innovations in [industry] with our [expertise].
[Organization] is one of the most [give a few unique details about your company].
Please visit our site at [URL] for details or do not hesitate to chat with me when you have time.
Kind regards,
[signature with contact information]


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