Business verification requirements for publicly traded companies : Stripe: Help & Support

Publicly traded companies are required to provide information for the business entity itself, and for the individual opening the Stripe account. Only US public companies are entitled to be exempt from providing beneficial ownership information.

Onboarding as a publicly-traded company

If you are setting up an account for a publicly-traded company, you’ll need to submit your account application as a company with the business structure “Other/I’m not sure”.

When you reach the Business representative section, you may omit from providing your personal address, date of birth and last four digits of your Social Security Number by using the business address and inputting dummy digits such as “01-01-1901” (date of birth field) or “1111” (last four digits of Social Security number field).

When you reach the Business owners section, you may press “Continue with no owners”. All other information must be provided for the company.

Once your account application is successfully submitted, contact Stripe Support and provide:

  • Your company’s market ticker – an abbreviation that denotes your stock on one of the US stock exchanges: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American Stock Exchange (NYSE American), or NASDAQ.

  • Validation of your affiliation with the company – in order to establish that you work at the publicly-traded company, we will require:

    • Letter on company letterhead affirming your authorization to act on their behalf and signed by a representative of the business (different to the account owner). This letterhead must contain the following information:

      • Letterhead name must match Stripe account name

      • Account ID(s)

      • Business name(s)

      • Website URL(s)

      • Business Address

      • Business Tax IDs

      • Account owner name

      • Account owner title

Once we validate the information provided, your account’s business type will be updated to reflect its status as a publicly-traded company and you will not be required to provide beneficial ownership information.

Private subsidiaries of publicly-traded companies

If your company is not publicly-traded, but at least 51% of your common stock or analogous equity interest is held by a publicly-traded entity on a US stock exchange, you may also be exempt from providing beneficial ownership information.

Follow the same instructions above, and when contacting Stripe Support additionally provide:

  • Validation of your company’s ownership by the publicly-traded entity – this could be a public company filing, news article, or other publicly accessible information.