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Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam is an extension of the famous FPS game Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and indirectly a sequel to Battlefield Vietnam, developed by DICE, published by Electronic Arts and released on PC, Xbox360 and Playstation3, it is based on Frostbyte Engine 1.5 . This game allows owners of the game Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to prolong the fun by allowing them to relive the context of the Vietnam War through five cards present: Cao Son Temple, Hill 137, Operation Hastings, Phu Bai Valley and Vantage Point.

Players will  benefit from the panoply of the perfect the time fighter, depriving you of the blow of modern weapon range of the base game for a complete immersion and making over the extension a game share rather than later. You will be entitled to a M16 but also the perfect kit demolisher and logistical support to confront the US military to North Vietnam army.

Continuing the success of the series, this album does not fall short of the previous titles, on the contrary, the mastery of the game engine to achieve an extension where the game-play is intuitive and pleasant, and graphically realistic and well designed, everything that makes the game fun for FPS fans and military tactics.

Developers were able  through proper IA that acts good little soldier, leaving you pride to the mission success while supporting you in your actions so logic. Here’s a title that not only showed pleasure to fans of the series who will find part of the first game, but also to discover new ones that one such model, giving to everyone pleasant hours of play.