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Company of Heroes 2 Ardennes Assault is a strategy game from the famous Company of Heroes series developed by Relic Entertainment and published by SEGA.

Following the success of the previous multiplayer-only expansion for Company of Heroes 2, The Western Front Armies, Ardennes Assault is looking to do the same by employing a single-player-only game mode through a non-linear campaign storyline, which means you get to choose your own sequence of playing the campaign. The campaign consists of 11 missions and 7 engagements as well as bonus objectives that can change depending on the playthrough.

Ardennes Assault continues the story the series is known for, and is set in World War II particularly during “The Battle of the Bulge” in the year 1944. The campaign map is set in Belgium, split into different regions. You will take control of US Allied forces and help them fight and conquer each region for them to gain control of it.

You will get to control 3 iconic companies (The Airborne Unit, Mechanized Infantry, and the Support Unit), from which you get to choose 1 to deploy for each mission. Each company is headed by different Officers with their own distinct styles, perspectives, and abilities. Each company also has 4 unique abilities with up to 6 selectable upgrades, and a unique skill tree which offers 72 multiple levels of improvement – simply awesome customization options!

Your ultimate goal is to defeat the German Forces, so you have to strategize on which region you need to conquer next, as enemy reinforcements tend to occupy the areas adjacent to those regions you’ve already conquered.

Now, get yourself ready for battle!