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    Bytecoin is an open-source, anonymous cash-settled cryptocurrency, that was first to be based on the CryptoNote technology. This software and application protocols for anonymous transactions (via hiding the sender, receiver and the exact amounts) have then created the first Bytecoin’s token, known as BCN.

    Contrary to many other cryptos at the time, Bytecoin was not going to be another “improved Bitcoin version.”

    The goals of the company were simple:

  • completely anonymous;

  • readily available for purchase;

  • as secure as possible, corresponding to the idea of a perfect Crypto.

  • Bytecoin Features.

    Address Swap. A gateway, consisting of the actual sender’s address and a random key: both are created and used to make a transaction. Therefore, the payment, can not be traced. And even if many transactions are sent to the same sender, they appear like unrelated payments sent to random addresses to a bystander.

    The declaration. To make a transaction, one of the validators needs to prove it first. Only it is absolutely unreal to grasp, which one was it. In fact, the ring signature of each transaction contains links to other transactions that could have been sent to anyone. This modification process not only makes it more difficult to trace transactions but also reduces the risk of transfers to third parties.

    Work statements and proofs. Bytecoin is based on the proof-of-work algorithm, which in return is based on the RAM access and not on hash rate. Special equipment for BCN mining simply makes no sense, which makes it unpenetrable for thieves and hackers.



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