Café Anna Blume, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany – Restaurant Review | Condé Nast Traveler



Start us off with an overview.
Located in leafy, stroller-filled Prenzlauer Berg, this brunch spot is perfectly classic: wood floors and marble-topped tables give the space a romantic, brasserie feel, accented further by a Mucha-esque mural of a coy damsel and gold-embossed Art Nouveau menus. The cafe is also a flower shop (“Blume” means “flower” in German, though the name comes from a German poem), so expect it to smell incredibly fragrant—and not just because of what’s coming out of the kitchen. There’s also a gorgeous terrace that, despite holding 120, fills up quickly when the weather’s nice. Be sure to make a reservation.
Who else is here?
Families, groups of friends, and couples.
We hear the food is quite good—what do you suggest we order?
Although everything here is likely to be a winner—the incredible cakes are made next door—it’s the breakfast special for two that’s the real standout: a feast of savory and sweet treats like Tyrolean bacon, ricotta and wild garlic cheese, and feta and avocado cream, all served in tapas-sized portions on tiered silver platters with a mixed bread basket on the side.
Any thoughts about the staff?
Service here is typical of many German places: It’s courteous, if not overly warm, and hands-off to the point where you’ll be asking for a check. In our opinion, though, it never hurts to linger a little longer over a good brunch.
Why should we come here and who should we come here with?
In summer, Café Anna Blume is one of Berlin’s most romantic spots. Given its classic brasserie ambiance, it’s also a wonderful place to take relatives and friends who might not be as comfortable with the more hipster scenes downtown.