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So How Much Money Do Microblading Practitioners Make? The simple answer is…

The Sky’s the Limit!!!!

The Stroke of Beauty Training Academy’s Microblading Course is one of a kind.

We have the highest number of graduate students actively

working as Microblading Artists!!!

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Hello, My Name is Kristan Pietromonaco, Owner/Master Microblading Instructor at The Stroke of Beauty Training Academy.  Come to our beautiful Permanent MakeUp Studio in sunny Sacramento Ca, and train with me personally.  The Stroke of Beauty Pro PMU Studio and Training Academy is a fast-paced, fun environment, perfect for the “HANDS ON” learning experience needed to Master the art of Eyebrow Microblading. Learning in a busy salon is the only way to learn EVERY area of your new Microblading business.  

Why Choose Us?

“We cherish our students, and they know it from day one.”

Our Proven Plan for Success…

     Work face to face with the Master Microblading Instructor, meet real clients, and participate in the entire salon experience. Yes, learning the art of Microblading is why you’re here, and you will slay some brows before the week is over, we promise you that, but lasting success in the field of Permanent MakeUp is much more than the finished eyebrow. True success in any field, is built and measured by the skill and foundation of the business structure.

4 Day Microblading Certification Course

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ENROLL NOW and start your career as a Certified Microblading Practitioner in just one week.

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Next Level Training!!!

Now this is ‘HANDS ON’ Microblading Training

Free Microblading Kit

  • Flash drive with all consent forms, after care, business documents, editable & printable. 

  • Tax, insurance, vendor suppliers, procedure protocol, numbing technique, message templates. 

  • Marketing plan- get and keep clients

  • Flyers/ad examples/ phone messaging templates
  • Tina Davies Pigment (3 Colors)

  • Microblading Needles 

  • Sticky Brow Stencils

  • Aftercare

  • Mapping Pencil

  • Microblading Hand Tool

  • Face Mask

  • Pigment Rings

  • Numb Cream

  • Kit Lock Box


  • Before and after pictures. 

  • The reveal’ video of you w/ your model.

  • Procedure photos of you in action. 

  • Photos sent and edited, and sent after graduation.

BONUS: Photo/video package: Included with tuition (reg.$150)

Do you know?

What is the absolute most important step in the Microblading process?

You can do the loveliest of eyebrow strokes, but if they are uneven, the stroke will not matter. ANSWER: Eyebrow Mapping. 

We map our faces off.  The mapping method uses simple but effective tools and techniques to create a basic eyebrow placement for your client.  The Stroke of Beauty specialized mapping steps are the key to continued success when mapping even the most difficult pair of brows client after client.

We’ve got this mapping thing down! You will too!!!

How much pressure to use when Microblading?

Knowing how much pressure to use during a Microblading procedure is mostly instinct. However, this is can be very intimidating procedure, especially when you can’t seem to wrap your head around how you will know what is enough or too much pressure. When you should stop? One of our favorite moments in this class is right after the girls take their first client. It’s a very scary moment for most, but the scary doesn’t last long. Soon after the first few strokes, it happens…Shoulders straighten, head tilts, half a smile appears — she’s hooked. So beautiful to witness.   

We were once beginners and are here to help guide you every step of the way, Let us show you what has worked for us after years of experience, and what not so much. .  

At The Stroke of Beauty Training Academy, “we measure our success, by the success of our beloved students,”  and we are doing very well…

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What We Do

We do Microblading! This course was written and lead by industry professionals, from years of experience, and a true love for the beauty industry. This combination, coupled with hand-selected Master trainers chosen for their ability to teach in a straightforward and easily understandable way, is the reason for our continued success.  The ‘Learn by Doing,’ training approach is an intensive, get up and into into to action method, using our hands as teaching tools. This approach is important and leaves the student feeling confident and ready after graduation, And that’s our absolute GOAL…


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Student Comments

I had so much fun and the class was so good. Kristen is the best instructor that someone interested in learning Microblading techniques can find. She cares so much about everyone in the class and we learned just as much about posting, and business as we did Microblading. Thanks Kristen and Michelle for helping me be successful in this business.

*****recommend 100%.

Alyssa A.