Can You Name All These ’80s Snacks?

About This Quiz

In the high fructose corn syrup era that was the 1980s, parents weren’t watching what their children ate, because if it was fruit-flavored, it had to have fruit in it, right? And fruit is good for kids, right? 

Children of the ’80s weren’t concerned about the sweets and energy and syrups they were pouring down their gullets. They just wanted the latest, coolest snack to pack in their lunches, and no decade delivered on snacks like the 1980s. We saw our favorite cartoon characters on the sides of boxes. We watched as synergy took over the world and we needed to eat the grossest of the gross foods, simply because our buddies ate these things in the commercials. We didn’t realize that our buddies were cartoons and probably didn’t have taste buds or blood glucose levels to worry about. These marketing ploys won the gold medal in the 1980s, as children began to make decisions about what they ate (or threw fits until their parents bought them fruit snacks and sugar and sugar and sugar). 

If you were an ’80s kid or you just have an appreciation for the snacks that came around in that decade, it’s time to test your skills with this crazy ’80s snack quiz.