Can You Use Gift Cards On DoorDash? (Explained)

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DoorDash has become a great way for people to enjoy restaurant food without having to leave their homes.

You can set up a romantic evening with your partner without anyone having to cook by using DoorDash.

However, when it comes to spreading the love and giving gift cards to people to use with DoorDash, you might have some confusion.

Does DoorDash accept gift cards or do you need gift cards for each restaurant?

Here’s what you need to know about DoorDash and its gift cards.


Can You Use Gift Cards On DoorDash?

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Yes, you can use gift cards on DoorDash.

However, you can only use DoorDash gift cards and not restaurant-specific gift cards.

That’s because DoorDash is a third-party delivery service not affiliated with any particular restaurant.

As an example, if you want to get food at Applebee’s and have an Applebee’s gift card, you can’t use it on the DoorDash app.

However, if you have a DoorDash gift card, then you can use it on their app when you order from Applebee’s.

Thanks to DoorDash’s gift cards, you can send a great gift to friends and family.


How To Use DoorDash Gift Cards

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If you received a DoorDash gift card, then you may be unsure how or where to use it.

Follow these steps to set up and use your DoorDash gift card.


1. Sign In On DoorDash’s Website Or App

You can add your DoorDash gift card to your account either on their website or through their app.

Sign in with your usual credentials.

Then find the hamburger icon, which is three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other, to access the gift card section.

Click “Gift Cards” when the menu drops down.


2. Type In Gift Card Code

On your gift card, you should have a code.

If you received a digital gift card, then the code is in your email.

Type that code into the field that you see.

Then click “Redeem Gift Card.”


3. Check DoorDash Balance

After the system redeems the gift card, you should be able to see the amount added to your DoorDash credit balance.

You can check your balance by going to the “Payment” option on the DoorDash menu.

You should see the amount of the gift card in the credit section.

Keep in mind that it may take a few minutes for your account to update.


4. Order Food

If you want to use the gift card, then you’ll need to order some food.

Keep in mind that if the gift card doesn’t cover the entire purchase of your order, then DoorDash will take the remainder of what’s owed from your usual payment method.

After you order your food, you can check out and choose your delivery time.


5. Choose Gift Card Balance

Once it comes time to pay, you should see an option to use your gift card balance or DoorDash credit.

They’re essentially the same thing.

By clicking that, DoorDash will apply the credit to pay for your order.

You’re able to enjoy a free meal thanks to whoever sent you the gift card.


How To Buy DoorDash Gift Cards

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If you want to send a DoorDash gift card to someone else, then the app and website make it easy.

Follow these steps to buy a DoorDash gift card for someone.


1. Log Into DoorDash Website Or App

You’ll need to sign into either the DoorDash website or the app depending on your preference.

As before, you’ll need to click the hamburger icon to see the different options that you can navigate to.

Click on “Gift Card” to get to the gift card section.


2. Buy And Customize Gift Card

You’ll go to the gift card section where you can both buy and redeem gift cards.

To buy a gift card, you’ll want to click on the “Buy Gift Card“ option.

Once you click that, you’ll have a number of different ways that you can customize it to make the gift card feel special.

DoorDash has several different backgrounds that you can use to give your gift card some character.

If you want to wish a happy birthday to someone or celebrate the holidays with them, then you’ll find the appropriate themes.

You can also choose how much money to put on the gift card.

There are few options that can cover a meal or several meals.

Finally, you can include a message to them to make the gift even more special.


3. Choose Delivery Method

There are two ways your recipient can receive their gift card.

DoorDash will show you the option to send it to them through either an email or the mail.

If you choose to send the card through an email, then it’s a digital gift card.

The recipient will still see the card, but they’ll have a code that’s attached to the email that they use to redeem it.

If you want to send it through the mail, then the recipient will receive a physical gift card based on the customizations that you requested.

They can use the code on the back of the gift card to redeem it online.

No matter which method you choose, the gift card looks customized the way you made it look.


4. Choose Payment Method

The final step to buying a gift card for someone is to choose the payment method that you intend to use to buy the gift card.

DoorDash accepts all major credit cards, so buying one is easy.

If you have a DoorDash account, then you can use the payment method you have stored there.

Otherwise, you can type in a new payment method and use that to pay for the gift card.

Once you submit your order, the card will process and either send immediately to your recipient or start the development process before heading off to the mail.


Can You Use Restaurant Gift Cards With DoorDash?

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No, you cannot use restaurant gift cards with DoorDash.

If someone gave you a gift card for a restaurant, then you can’t use it when ordering through DoorDash.

That’s because DoorDash isn’t affiliated with the restaurant.

They’re a third-party delivery service that generates money through delivery fees and tips.

That said, you can sometimes find deals on the DoorDash app that can help you save money on food.

If you have a restaurant gift card, then you’re going to need to either eat at the restaurant or determine if they have takeout or their own delivery service.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, some restaurants had to change how they did business to stay alive.

That led to some developing their own delivery services.

If the restaurant has its own delivery service, then you can likely still use your gift card with them since you’re dealing with the restaurant directly.

The same goes for takeout or drive-thru meals.

Since the restaurant handles both of those methods for food delivery, they can likely take your gift card.

It’s only when you work with third-party delivery services, like DoorDash, that you run into problems with using restaurant gift cards.


How Does DoorDash Work?

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If you’re new to food delivery services, then you may be unsure of how DoorDash works.

DoorDash is a delivery service that partners with local restaurants and national chains.

The app works like this.

The company partners with a restaurant.

The restaurant sets the price of the menu items.

DoorDash sets the price for the delivery fees and service fees.

That’s why some may think that using DoorDash is a bit expensive.

You’re paying for the menu item, and then also a delivery and service fee.

You’ll also want to tip your driver as this is how they primarily earn their income.

Failure to tip your delivery worker usually means you’ll get a bad review on their side.

That might mean fewer drivers accept your orders in the future.

Tip fairly, and you can expect the delivery drivers to work hard to get your food to you quickly.

Restaurants also pay a fee to DoorDash.

Since these restaurants weren’t able to deliver before, many chose to partner with the company as a way to expand their coverage.

Some restaurants may simply not have the means to start their own delivery services.

Working with DoorDash ends up being the most affordable and lucrative option for them.

There are different ways that a restaurant may pay DoorDash for its services.

It may be a monthly fee, a flat fee that they pay per order, or even a certain amount of commission per order.

The fees that they pay are then given to the delivery workers of DoorDash.

DoorDash also uses the collected fees to operate.

They may use them to market the service or perform background checks on their workers.


What Types Of Delivery Services Can Restaurants Sign Up For?

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There are a few different types of services that restaurants can use DoorDash for.

One is Storefront.

With this service, customers can order from the restaurant’s menu as usual.

The restaurant then informs DoorDash that they have a meal ready for delivery.

The Dasher takes the meal and delivers it to the appropriate address.

DoorDash Drive is another service that restaurants can choose.

This type of service is best for caterers as it handles big orders.

The service also allows restaurants to choose the Dashers that handle their deliveries.

This enables them to choose the Dashers who have high ratings and great recommendations.

DoorDash gives them this perk because most caterers depend on great service to stay in business.

If the delivery worker they choose to represent their company ends up failing in their delivery, then it doesn’t look good on their business.

In a catering business, where competition is stiff, every service matters.

As such, being able to choose which Dasher handles their deliveries is a great benefit for them.

DoorDash also offers a data analytics perk for restaurants that have an interest in learning more about their customers.

The DoorDash Merchant Portal gives them access to information like average order size, total sales, and the menu items that are the most popular for delivery.

This can then help them adjust their menu and prices accordingly.


What Are The Benefits Of Using DoorDash?

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People who have never used a food delivery service before may wonder if DoorDash is worth it.

Here are some of the benefits of using DoorDash to get your food.


1. Save Time

One of the best benefits of using DoorDash is that it saves you time.

If you’re heading home and you know you don’t want to cook, then you can pull to the side and quickly order some food on the DoorDash app.

Since it will take some time for the restaurant to make the food, you can likely get home just as the DoorDash delivery worker arrives.

You can even schedule your delivery to ensure it arrives just after you get home.

While you’re waiting for your food to arrive, you can do anything else you need to get done at home.

If you’re socializing, then no one has to worry about missing out on anything to pick up the food that everyone wants.

DoorDash saves you time which you can better spend doing anything else.


2. Saves On Gas

If you’re someone who eats out a lot, then you likely spend a lot of gas doing so.

You don’t have to waste gas to eat at a restaurant or pick up food anymore.

With DoorDash, you can sit at home and have someone else spend gas and put wear and tear on their car.

DoorDash lets you relax and save a bit of money on gas and wear and tear on your car.


3. Fast Service

While you will likely fall into a situation where you’re stuck waiting for some time to get your order, in most cases, you’ll get your food pretty fast.

Restaurants know that people are waiting for their orders at home.

Since their reputation is on the line, they want to make the food fresh and fast.

The faster it gets out, the hotter it will be when it arrives at your door.

Dashers are also pressed to deliver fast.

They often receive perks and bonuses by completing orders quickly.

They’re also pushed to deliver fast because it means they’re able to claim more orders.

By claiming more orders in the day, they can earn more money.

You’re likely to receive your food faster than you would if you were sitting down in a restaurant.

That’s because the time it takes for you and everyone else to get ready, then drive to the restaurant, then wait for your food to be ready can be quite long.

With DoorDash, the restaurant receives your order as soon as you submit it.

A call also goes out to a Dasher who can arrive at the restaurant as soon as the food is ready.

DoorDash skips a few steps which means you eat sooner than you would normally.


4. Convenience

Restaurants can be rowdy and loud places.

If you want a calmer experience, eating at home is a great option.

You can relax in your favorite chair while eating restaurant-quality food that you didn’t have to make yourself.

One of the biggest benefits of using DoorDash is the convenience of it all.

Someone else handles cooking the food and delivering it to your home.

The most you have to do is pick up your order from your porch or directly from the Dasher.

This also makes it ideal for people who don’t like eating at restaurants, who may have mobility problems, or for children who face problems in crowded places like restaurants.

Despite those limitations, through DoorDash, everyone can enjoy a delicious meal.


5. Large Selection Of Restaurants

Depending on where you live, you usually have a big list of restaurants that work with DoorDash.

You can expect some of the bigger chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and a few other fast-food restaurants.

However, you can also find local chains and even some local restaurants on the app.

This ensures that you can find a restaurant for almost any kind of craving that you have.

Whether it’s for fish, steak, vegan options, or desserts, DoorDash’s large list of partners has something for everyone.

The best part is that you can eat them all from the comfort of your own home.



Because of the many benefits that you can experience using DoorDash, you may want to let someone else experience it, too, through a gift card.

DoorDash accepts gift cards from its own company but does not accept restaurant gift cards.

Buying and redeeming gift cards is easy through their website or app.