Gianpaolo Putzu grew up in a small town where sustainable cooking was the way of life. "In Onifai, Sardegna, we didn't shop at supermarkets or eat packaged foods. Our family raised sheep, pigs and chickens and grew fruits and vegetables that my mother preserved for the winter months. We ate by the seasons: at Easter, it was lamb; in the summer, we ate a lot of artichokes ­ oh man, I love artichokes! ­ and made our own sausage, cheese, cured olives and olive oil. That's just how we did it."

Pane Frattau, made with Sardinian Pane Carasau bread, is a rustic, lasagna-style tradition. Malloreddus con Polpettine di Cinghiale is one of Gianpaolo¹s favorites: ridged shell pasta and wild boar meatballs in rich tomato sauce, finished with Sardinian pecorino. "Wild boar roam freely throughout Sardegna; the flavors in this dish remind me of home." A traditional Sardinian sweet ­ "arancia alla nuorese" (candied orange peels, toasted almonds and honey) – accompanies Panna Cotta al Mirto Rivisitata. "No one in Sardegna uses refined sugar; we sweeten foods with honey or grape must. This candy is typical of central Sardegna – simple and natural."