Canggu, Bali receives a brand new foodie destination

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The beachside village of Canggu is known for its beautiful coastline, stretching rice paddies, and of course its luxury resorts, making it the ultimate getaway from everyday life. Located on Bali’s west coast, the team at Brett Hospitality Group has blessed the area with its latest endeavour – Mason. Following the opening of Fishbone earlier this year, Mason is dedicated to the timeless craft of using locally sourced ingredients.

Heading the restaurant towards fine dining, owners Dominique Brett, Isabella Rowell, Brant Bauer and Ben Cross have welcomed Australian talent Nathan Sasi into the fold. With expert experience in some of Sydney’s most recognised eateries including the likes of Nomad and Mercado, Sasi has brought his signature flair to Mason. 

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From pickling, curing and fermenting fused with traditional techniques like cheesemaking and butchery, Sasi has produced a showcase of his best work. Diners can expect lunch service to include grazing snacks like flatbread and chilli-spiked hummus as well as house-made cheeses and cured meats. Dinner meanwhile, displays more substantial starters complemented with mains along the lines of wood-fired barramundi or slow cooked lamb shoulder.

As with the food, the interior aesthetic of Mason – designed by Kelvin Ho – is warm and homely, conveying relaxed sophistication, with the open kitchen on clear display. The space opens out onto a breezy courtyard, perfect for embracing the warm air while having a drink.

ICON takes five with Nathan Sasi:

How did you come across Brett hospitality? What made you want to explore food abroad?

“Ben Cross, one of the partners of the group has been a good friend of mine for many years now. I’ve been fortunate enough to do many collaborative events in Bali, and when Ben mentioned that the group were looking for a chef to help them launch several great new concepts, it was an opportunity too good to refuse.”

How did you go about creating the menu for Mason? Was experimentation involved, or did you have a clear vision from the beginning?

“I wanted to showcase my unique style of food in Bali, whilst working with some of the incredible producers that the country has to offer. From working with dairy farmers in Java to get raw milk, to being able to source organic chickens and other meats, and the freedom to collaborate with farmers to grow bespoke ingredients.”

Do you look to Balinese culture at all when creating the menu?

“Our style of food is definitely not Balinese, but we take our inspiration from the beautiful local ingredients on hand and the relaxed culture.”

You’ve worked at some of Sydney’s most famous restaurants. What makes Mason different to the Sydney scene? 

“Sydney is a major metropolitan of the world, Bali being a holiday destination means people have a very different outlook of food when they are on holiday. This in turn indicates what type of food that people want to eat.”

If there is one dish that visitors must try at Mason, what would it be?

“It would have to be any of our house cured meats. It is something we pride ourselves on, and a key part of what Mason is about.”

Mason is now located at Jl Batu Bolong No. 83, Canggu. For more information visit the website or email