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Faculty FAQs: Concluding a Canvas Course

What happens at the end of the semester?

Your course will be “concluded” 2-3 weeks after the end of finals period. This means the content will be in an archival state. You will maintain full read/edit access to the site and students will also have access to your course content for up to 5 years.

How does this affect your Canvas courses?

Your course and its contents will remain intact. You will be able to copy from a concluded course into new course sites.

What will you be able to do as the instructor?

You will have full read and edit capabilities. All content (i.e. pages, files, assignments, etc.) will remain editable to you even though the course is concluded.

What do you need to do as the instructor?

Courses will be concluded automatically 2-3 weeks after the end of finals period. No action is required; however, we suggest limiting student access to your course content (see steps below).

Can instructors change when a course is concluded?

Yes, instructors can change the end date of a course.

Here are some steps to manage student access to your course content:

  • Unpublish draft state content (assignments and quizzes with no submissions, pages, modules, discussions, etc.)

  • Hide, Lock, Remove Files

  • Lock Assignments and Assessments

  • Remove copyright material

How does this affect enrolled students?

Students will maintain some access to content within your course. Your course will be removed from the active list of courses in the Global Navigation menu’s Courses tab and archived under “past enrollments”.


Students will have read access and some editing access to your course content:


Student Access

Home Page

✓ Read


✓ Read


✓ Read


✓ Read


✓ Read, can comment and attach files


⨷ No


✓ Read


✓ Read, can download files


✓ Read


⨷ No


✓ Read


✓ Read


✓ Read, join ongoing conferences


✓ Read, join existing collaboations


⨷ No