Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant

Overhyped glitzy seafood buffet.

All right so this is the place everyone talks about being the best in Myrtle Beach. However I have 50 years of experience in the food industry. Was with a big wholesale company for 10 years then I went in the military for 20 years. I have traveled around the globe and seafood is one of my specialties. I was one of the old-timers that used to drive all the way to Calabash to get Seafood in the olden days when the Grand Strand was the redneck Riviera. So I have high expectations when it comes to crab legs and Calabash Style seafood. This place is a marvelous facility. However they do not offer steamed oysters on the bar you have to order that special. And I found a lot of their Seafood was not as hot as it should be on the bar. For the price point there should have been steamed oysters on the bar. Also the crab legs which is what everybody Raves about didn't seem to be hot in temperature. A lot of the fried stuff like oysters had way too much better on them and they were way over cooked. I will let you know that is the fanciest bathroom I've ever been in a a crab buffet. And everybody from the waiters to the servers to the kitchen help look so top notch. But I'm not in seafood buffets for the glitz. I'm in there to eat a wheelbarrow full of crab legs and steamed oysters. That being the case this place is not satisfied my Buffet craving. I will tell you this without being bad about naming another restaurant. But the one towards Garden City that everybody goes to is worth every penny it's named after Mike the other one I found nearby here is in Restaurant Row Big Red Roof of Bennett's number 2. I know it is not kosher naming the crab buffets. I also would even say the giant crab in Restaurant Row deserves a nod. I would put this place in a class with Benjamin's Calabash in Restaurant Row everyone at Myrtle Beach talks about Georges and the original Benjamin's. However if they were real professional crab eaters. This place would be considered a heavily glitzy place. But the Main Attraction is not in the building.


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