Car insurance Netherlands: Compare directly cheap car insurance quotes!

Do you own a car in the Netherlands? Then it’s mandatory to have a car insurance. With our handy online tool you can easily compare insurance premiums for a car insurance with different insurance companies. That way you never pay too much for car insurance. Insuring your car only takes a few minutes and, in most cases, you will receive temporary coverage so your car is immediately insured, even at the weekend! You can read all about car insurance in the Netherlands at

What is car insurance?

The most important and mandatory part of a car insurance is the WA coverage (third party liability). In the Netherlands it is mandatory to have car insurance with at least WA coverage. This coverage provides compensation for damage that you inflict with your car to other people and their property. The repair costs after damage can increase considerably, especially if the other person becomes incapacitated for work. A WA coverage is the minimum coverage. In addition, you can choose to expand your coverage with WA + Beperkt Casco (third party liability + limited coverage) or Allrisk (full coverage). Which car insurance is best for you and your car depends on several factors.