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This free online course introduces you to car mechanics and we begin with important safety rules that should be followed when you are working on a car that can help you avoid elements and components that are potentially harmful to the body. We unpack the general maintenance of your vehicle, starting with the contents of the owner’s manual, the location of the vehicle identification number and the various liquids and fuses that can be found in a car. We then study the dashboard warning lights, which can vary from car to car, as you learn what they mean and what to do when they illuminate. This can help keep you safe while driving and save you money and parts during repairs.

Do you know how to measure tire tread to gauge when a tire needs to be replaced? We can help you to understand the specifications set on a vehicle, the angle measurements used in tire alignment and how to compare older and modern tyres as you conduct the ‘penny tire test’. We go through the history, repeating stages and main components of the internal combustion engine and discuss the main function and characteristics of engine oil. This brings us to a vehicle’s systems, starting with cooling, as we move on to the car’s main components and how they’ve changed since the 1970s. We examine the spark plug gap and the electrical system and wrap up this section with a close study of the fuel system.

This course explains the drivetrain and outlines the unique liquids that are only used for these specific parts. We then address the brakes and their variations before investigating the anti-lock braking systems found in most modern cars. The course wraps up with a deep dive into the process of buying a car, starting with costs and factors that can drive up your insurance premiums. We cover the legal requirements for caring for a vehicle and finish with a lesson on how to decide what vehicle best suits your needs. This free online car mechanics course offers you a solid understanding of the basics when it comes to maintaining, repairing or simply driving your vehicle. It can also help you enter the lucrative field of motor mechanics so sign up to keep driving safely.

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