caracas arepa bar

Caracas Arepa Bar is devoted to the pleasure of homemade Venezuelan food. Since 2003 we have been dedicated to the idea of a space where authentic quality food converges with the eclectic vibe of our city.

What began as a small arepa store front in the East Village has paved the path to our full service Williamsburg, Brooklyn restaurant, and a beachside arepa outpost in Rockaway Beach, Queens. The Williamsburg location boasts a large dining room, outdoor patio space and a full cocktail bar we call, Roneria Caracas. Roneria essentially means “Rum Bar”, and a rum bar we are! With over 40 rums from Central America, South America and the Caribbean Islands, we are always coming up with something new for you to try in our Brooklyn location. Our Rockaway Beach location opened in 2011 and is the newest member of the Caracas Arepa Bar family. The Rockaway location is seasonal, open mid-May through September. Come by and see us at the beach all summer long and enjoy your arepa in it’s natural environment: beachside!

Our secret is consistency. It starts with a great deal of attention to choosing quality ingredients, and a lot of love for the craft of bringing the best of Venezuelan food to every table. No matter where you come from, whether you are part of the family or a first-time guest, you will feel the warmth of our dedication through the joy of our meals.

We are not a fast food joint, and certainly not a “Nuevo Latino” restaurant. From the beginning, we have been driven by a combination of nostalgia, entrepreneurship, and authenticity. Our passion is our craft and our pleasure is being able to share it with you.

Caracas Arepa Bar is only possible thanks to the dedication of its team led by native Venezuelans, Maribel Araujo and Aristides Barrios.