Career-relevant Online Degree Programs | University of Phoenix

Unlike most colleges where you’re expected to take several courses at once, with an online degree, you’ll take one, five-or-six-week course at a time in an innovative, virtual learning environment alongside other students. Together, you’ll engage in discussions, assignments and learning activities. And you’ll learn from faculty who practice what they teach, all while learning the industry-relevant skills you need to make an impact on your career. What’s more? Throughout your learning experience, our academic counselors and finance advisors will be on-hand to support and guide you from your first day to your last.

Our competency-based online degrees are designed for professionals who are in their field and have working experience. For example, in the MBA-CB you’ll take four courses online, every 16 weeks until you’re done. It’s a great way to master the advanced business skills you need in less than a year.